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    Change Engine Oil
    Change Engine Oil

    Almost all machineries which moves will require lubricant to reduce the wear and tear as well to increase the efficiency of the machinery. Same goes to our car. We need to fill in engine oil to lubricate all the moving parts.The function of the engine oil is to reduce the tear and wear our engine, other than that the oil engine will reduce the friction between moving parts hence making the engine run smoothly. Minimal friction means less load on engine thus reducing fuel consumption and increasing the power output at the same time.
    The most critical parts of the engine which needs the engine oil is the crankshaft bearing.
    This is the first thing to fail if your car is running without any oil.

    Engine Oil
    Engine Oil

    There are basically three types of engine oil, the Mineral based oil, semi synthetic oil and the fully synthetic oil. Mineral oils are based on oil that comes directly from the oil rig, but the oil had been refined to be suitable to be used as engine oil. Synthetic oil in the other hand comes from the lab,it is formulated by chemist. Semi-synthetic is the mixture of mineral based and synthetic oil.

    A quick guide for the 3 different types

    Fully Synthetic Characteristics
    Fuel economy savings
    Enhances engine performance and power
    Ensures engine is protected from wear and deposit build-up
    Ensures good cold starting and quick circulation in freezing temperatures
    Gets to moving parts of the engine quickly

    Semi-synthetic Characteristics
    Better protection
    Good protection within the first 10 minutes after starting out
    Roughly three times better at reducing engine wear
    Increased oil change intervals – don’t need to change it quite so often

    Mineral Characteristics10W-40
    Basic protection for a variety of engines
    Oil needs to be changed more often

    API SM? What does that means?
    API actually stand for American Petroleum Institute and it classify the types of engine suitable with the oil.

    • For petrol, listings start with ‘S’ (meaning Service category)followed by another code to denote standard. ‘SM’ is the current top grade, which recently replaced ‘SL’ and ‘SH’. ‘SH’ will be found on most expensive oils, and almost all the new synthetics. It’s basically an upgraded ‘SG’ oil which has been tested more sternly.
    • For diesel oils, the first letter is ‘C’ (meaning Commercial category). ‘CH’ is the highest grade at the moment, (technically CH-4 for heavy-duty) but ‘CF’ is the most popular and is well adequate for passenger vehicle applications

    SAE 10W-40?
    SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineer and it rate the viscosity of the oil.
    The 10W means the viscosity of the oil at cold temperature(0 celcius) note that the W means Winter and the 40 means the density of the oil at high temperature(100 celcius)
    Note that lower number means thinner oil, and higher number means thicker oil.

    The variable viscosity at different temperature is obtained by the additional of polymer in the oil. At cold temperatures, the polymers are coiled up and allow the oil to flow as their low numbers indicate. As the oil warms up, the polymers begin to unwind into long chains that prevent the oil from thinning as much as it normally would. The result is that at 100 degrees C, the oil has thinned only as much as the higher viscosity number indicates. Another way of looking at multi-vis oils is to think of a 20W-50 as a 20 weight oil that will not thin more than a 50 weight would when hot.

    Sae Rating
    Sae Rating For Different Climate

    To wrap things up, this is the example of usage of different grade of oil

    5W-30 Cooler climates, like Sweden or Canada
    10W-40 Temperate climates, like England
    15W-50 Hot climates, like Italy, Spain, Egypt

    Check Engine Oil
    Check Your Engine Oil Level

    So choose the correct type of oil for your engine, change you oil in time and save on your fuel and maintenance bills

    Fill Engine Oil
    Filling Engine Oil

    To make thing more interesting, come and discuss what brand,grade and rating of oil did you use, for which car and at what interval did u change you change your engine oil. Additional information such as price and place bought are also welcomed.

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    8 Responses

    1. azameel says:

      let me start first, i use castrol magnatec 10w-40, rm83, change every 5000km, car, familia bf b6 turbo

    2. Niemans says:

      Idemitsu Full Sync 10W50 or Mobil1 and with an additional one time top up of Slick50, change every 20000km or sometimes earlier; and the car is Perdana V6 twin turbo. Hell to maintain. Recommended by specialist as these oil not easily breakdown under extreme temperature and higher service life.

    3. azameel says:

      wah u use in ur v6 twin turbo and can last up to 20K km. mine wont even reach 5K km actually, it will slowly dissapear, same thing when i use petronas one,
      how much per bottle for the idemitsu? do u drive normally or still have some spirited driving?

    4. Niemans says:

      Forgotten to mention the occasional top up I have to maintain. RM188 per bot in one liter pack. If cannot tahan then quitely use Mobil 1..hehe. Rarely run unless invited or rush for a late appointment. That’s why hell to maintain. I have another SEG black top which usually drive.

    5. 96crews says:

      i’ve used ENEOS Semi SAE10W40 for my B16A standard – need to change every 8000km..

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