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    The two seater super compact, Smart Fortwo is expected to be available in electric drivetrain by end of the year.The compact car will be initially leased out to selected customers across major cities in Europe and America before hitting the open market in 2012.


    Smart Fortwo Electric
    uses a rear mounted 30 KW motor which generates 120 Nm of torque.Juice comes from a center mounted lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery drives the car around 115km.A quick three-hour charge in a 220-Volt socket provides about 30-40 km, while plugging the vehicle in overnight fully recharges the battery.  Smart’s 14 kWh battery is provided by Tesla Motors.


    With the magneto-electric motor the car goes from 0 to 60 in just 6.5 seconds.  This would be impressive if that figure were “60 miles,” but it is kilometers.  As the car is meant for city driving, the top speed is electronically limited at 100 km/h.


    Four year / 60,000 km leases will be given out to certain customers, beginning with those in Berlin.  Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Pisa, and Rome will follow.  Surprisingly, London is not mentioned as a distribution location, where owners would benefit from not having to pay the city’s hefty congestion fee.  US cities were not specifically mentioned.  Following the first-generation lease rollout, the car will likely be tweaked continually until its 2012 full-market debut as a heavy volume vehicle.


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    1. 115km per fullcharge.. sekejap je nie..

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