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    Proton Technology week

    2nd August 2008, Shah Alam – KDI Team makes a visit to the Proton Technology Week – The Journey Through Technology that full of excitement. We arrived on 3PM at Shah Alam Proton Factory (Kilang Proton Shah Alam) near the Proton Main Showroom and Office. Four of us tried to get the best and exclusive information about Proton and its technologies just for KDI readers.

    Proton Technology week

    The first attraction on the visits is about the stage show and competition. There are a lot of competition that you can join and get a chance to win great prizes such as Sony Playstation and Ipod Nano. Editor Azameel tried his luck to win that sony PSP but he is not lucky enough =p.

    On that stage is the 3 millionth car produced by proton that is the new saga. Wow! Its already 3 million car produced by proton!

    Proton Technology week

    Beside that, there is a section where some proton car’s famous club such as  v-sixers and satria club view their modified cars.

    There are so many exciting cars and event during the exhibition. Below is the hot lists of articles that we will write about the proton technology week for you :

    The Reality – Proton MPV & MSX Concept – Visit here!

    waja rally
    campro cps engine – Gen2 CPS
    Proton Formula 3 with Campro Engine – Visit here!
    Modified Satria Neo Desire & Symphony Bodykit – Visit Here!
    Modified RED New Saga
    Proton Satria Gemilang V6 2.0 – Visit here!

    Proton Stingray – Classic Motorbike prototype – visit here!

    Lotus Europa S – visit here!

    Lotus 340 R -Visit Here!
    Lotus Elise
    Modified Gen2 & Perdana
    Proton Waja Drifting – Visit here!

    Savvy Fun Ride Promotion – Colourfull Savvy – Visit Here!

    Proton V6 Prototype & Campro Turbo Engine

    Proton Technology week

    You will have a chance to take a look at how they produce the new saga in the Saga Production Line Factory from building chasis, doors, equipment installation and the dyno test. you will appreciate and proud to be Malaysian if you see how Proton could be National car maker with its technology and applications.

    Beside that, you can take a peep of the new Proton MPV in a big box. We already seen the model and its interior inside the box but they didnt allow anybody to take a photo. There is a chasis of the new proton MPV that seems to be same with what already leaked in the TV3’s buletin utama. Near the Proton MPV is the Proton MPV concept car that they called Proton MSX. This car is the greatest design of MPV from proton and it is showed in clay model shape.

    Proton Technology week

    In the Research and Development (R&D) Building, you will see how they make a clay model by machine, the material used, Proton MPV, Concept car, Proton Engine Prototype and Satria+Arena mixed shape car while outside of it, you can take a look at the car crash test results for proton cars at about 35 km/hr and beside it is the test track.

    Proton Technology week

    Anybody will have a chance to be in the proton waja drift car and feel the excitement on drifting inside it. Beside that, you can experience go-kart neer the R&D building.

    proton waja drifting

    For those who have not visits the technology week in the first day (2 august 2008), you can go there tomorrow (3 August 2008) for full day exhibition. For those who dont have the chance to go there, you can view our special and exclusive post and articles about the proton technology week.

    Proton Technology week

    proton motorbike prototype using car’s rim

    Proton Technology week

    The satria neo + chancellor chasis = Satria gemilang

    satria neo mix arena

    Satria Neo + Arena

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    1. prodas_afiq says:

      wah..bagus proton harap2 byak gambar proton mpv yang aku dpt tengok…..
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    2. liya says:

      im interested to bring my student to have a visit at proton factory. can i have any suggestion to whon in proton should i deal with?or it is my pleasure if u could give the phone number of the person. tq vm

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