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    Sideway anyone?


    Yes,your car can go 200kmh but can you go 80kmh sideways?This is one of the famous

    quote for drifter.Have you ever wondered how does it feel in a car which goes sideway more than it goes straight?Well,if you do,now is your opportunity.



     Tengku Djan In Action


    At the Proton Factory open day,youll be given a chance to have a ride with our own Malaysian drift king, Tengku Djan.And the ride they offer is the R3 Proton Waja FR.



     Tengku Djan and The Waja FR


    What?Waja cant drift?Yes,the normal production proton waja is a front wheel drive car which mean in no way the car can drift.But not the Waja R3 FR. This car had already been converted to a rear wheel drive one which mean the rear wheel is turning to move the car.Thats why the waja fr can drift.Combined with a skillful driver such as Tengku Djan,the performance is breathtaking.


    Rear Wheel Drive In Action


    A bit of detail on Tengku Djan

    He is is the head of Proton Motorsports and is also a Malaysian professional drifting driver who has taken part in the D1 Grand Prix racing series and others.He has won the 12 hour Merdeka Millennium Endurance race twice in 2005 and 2006.

    Tengku Djan Ley also competed in the 2005 FIA GT Zhuhai Supercar 500 race, sharing a Lotus Exige 300RR with Paul Stokell, the pair finished 14th overall and 2nd in G2 class.

    He finished 5th in the D1 Grand Prix’s 2006 and 4th place in the D1 Grand Prix’s 2007 “World All-Star” tournament at Irwindale Speedway


    A bit detail on the waja R3 FR

    Eventhough it is a waja, it is not actually a Waja?Get what i mean?The car is actually a tubular frame chassis which wear the Proton Waja clothing aka body.It is powered with a Nissan SR20DET engine which can be found in most Nissan Silvia.The engine is mounted longitudinally to drive the rear wheel of the car.






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    7 Responses

    1. barry marshall says:

      mana nak cari keta murah utk main drift kat malaysia sini iaitu bahagian sarawak susah sangat la nak cari keta utk drift kat sarawak. kalo kat west malaysia senang2 cari lg murah kat sarawak sini kalo ada pun mahal sangat and susah nak cari.

    2. azameel says:

      kereta drift mmg mahal sket,,kereta yg plg byk org buat drift utk beginner corolla ke70 la, tpi mahal gak kire 10-15k kalau dah convert.kalau nk main drift saje bolehla pakai,xpon option lain starlet lama,bluebird,lancer lama,ford escort,toyota mark,datsun 120y pon boleh haha, and few others.tp drifting ni pon kire mahal jgak

    3. Wajarian says:

      aku dah perhatikan lama dah… spoiler kat waja Ku Dja tu, mana nak cari cmtu erk…
      Jenuh cari kat website pun xder yang jual.. spoiler apa yang dia pkai..volvo ker?

    4. yue says:

      w0w.. drift, mmang sesuatu yg unik dlam skan kereta, tp perlu ingt, bnyk k0s tuu..tayar?? uwh, t0ksah ckap, b0tak pale..pasal keta drift,cri la keta lancer k0tak ke, t0y0ta kE70 ke, x mahal p0wn, kalau kbetulan 1000-2000 p0wn dh dpt,tp engine std la..huhu..

    5. Amin says:

      Aku banga dgn protn r3.so aku dah upgrade waja aku mgkut spfikasi r3 tmsuk bykit r3.so bangalah dgn produk tmpatan.yg pntg dptkn yg ori d protn mtosport

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