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    desire 1

    White is the color of purity,innocence and truth, so what better way to express the most coveted automotive thoughts of driving connoisseurs than by creating a white car to serve as the platform for their desire?

    Conceived with the purpose of evoking white,hot desire among drivers,PROTON‘s “Pure Desire” concept car translates the dream of every driver into reality.

    The sporty and aggresive, yet fluid lines, rest on an all new PROTON platform,creating “Pure Desire” in terms of the exterior styling.Bold and contemporary, the seductive shape belies its inner strength, tough structural integrity and resilience.

    desire 2

    The look of white heat from “Pure Desire” is complemented by the aggresive 18″6 spoke alloys with Falken 215/40 R 18 tyres,hand painted body graphics on unique pearl white exterior paint and hand painted interior with soft touch paint.

    desire 3

    Another dimension of passion and desire comes from the indulgence of legendary Momo (Moretti Monza) precision crafted accessories – gear knob, carbon fibre exhaust tips.handbrake handle and steering wheel – which are made using only the finest materials.

    How does one stop ” Pure Desire” ? In most instance, only by acquiring it, but the designers have chosen to use Grippen 4-pot calipers and slotted rotors.

    Few things in life epitomize desire like soft leather and “Pure Desire” lives up to its name.The lucky driver will be ensconced in the soft, white nappa leather, swathed in the protective cocoon of a Recaro racing seat and firmly felt when gripping the Momo steering wheel.

    desire 4


    desire 5

    desire 6

    desire 7

    desire 8

    DESIRE 10








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    12 Responses

    1. mr.aken says:

      apa kata kalau proton cuba bangunkan enjin turbo sendiri plak…lps tu,masukkan kt dlm model2 lama proton…mesti laku pnye…anak muda skarang suka racing…amacm??

    2. kan best kalo proton kuarkan kete trus mcm nie..mesti rmi yg nak…
      termasuk la aku…rse mcm nk rembat neo sebijik plak wat mcm nie…
      mesti mables..

    3. korang jangan pikir kepentingan korang je.
      korang pikir keselamatan la.
      nak laju2 nak pegy mane??
      bawak biasa2 sudah.
      aku sokong kerajaan melaysia. tak payah nak letak2 turbo.
      minyak pon pakai banyak.
      mmg la letak turbo keta jadi laju. tp pkir la.
      byk keburukan dari kebaikan.
      renung-renungkan.. dan selamat beramal!

    4. kalau turbo untuk satria dan putra tak pa gak. dah nama keta 2 pintu keta sports. tak kan semua model nak pakai turbo

    5. Norman says:

      Kalao untuk pandu harian light pressure turbo lagi memadai dari turbo biase..

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