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    Peugeot owners in JB can rejoice as Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official franchise holder of Peugeot automobiles in Malaysia will be holding a service campaign at the end on the month at its Plentong 3S Peugeot Centre specifically to cater to Peugeot owners down South.
    The service campaign to be organised from 28 February 2009 to 8 March 2009 covers all Peugeot models as well as the 206 Bestari. Customers will be entitled to free visual check up of their cars, free diagnostic check up with the Peugeot Planet System tool (PPS), free top-up of fluids among other benefits.There is also a 10% discount on selected genuine Peugeot spare parts. If the customer has the Peugeot Privilege cars, the customer will be entitled to a further 10%. A free gift also await those who take advantage of the service packages on offer.
    Other attractions during the campaign include special prices on cash and carry items like lubricants, battteries etc. There will also be Peugeot accessories on display by NZLine for those who are interested to personalise their Peugeot further. And at the same time, customers may also view and test drive the new Peugeot 308 VTi, the 308 Turbo and also the newly launched new 407 which has several enhancements for a more dynamic and sporty image..
    With the upcoming school holiday season Peugeot owners should take the opportunity to get a free check-up by qualified Peugeot technicians and also take up the attractively priced service packages for their cars especially if they intend to travel far.
    For more information on the service campaign, customers may call the Peugeot Careline at 1-800-88-6292 or Mr Vishwa at 016-9499530 for service appointments.

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    10 Responses

    1. Mohamad Redza Hashim says:

      I got a lousy service from Peugeot Blue Box so call 3S service centre.My daughter bought a Naza Bestari last month ( May 2009 ).On the first day I drive the car iI notice the stering wheels vibrates every time I drive above 70KM/H.Took it VOL Care at and the mechcanic told me it is due to the tyre.The tyre that was on the car was dated 5006.He told me to go to Glenmarie to make a report.I went there on the 16/6/2009 and until today(29/06/2009) no one from the centre not to mention from NAZA have call me to give an answer to my situation.I have sent email to Peugeot call the care line centre and still no response from any of them.If they need their CEO to approve my report,than I really regret asking my daughter to buy Naza Bestari.Should have asked her to get Produa VIVA or MyVi insted.If any people from Peugeot or even NAZA or NASIM read my comment,Pls call me at 016 2039499 so that I can give more details or any body have a good contact working from this so call corporation Pls call me.

    2. diegienismo says:

      To bad, i just wonder to get 308 turbo…ermmm it is to serious..

      Give your rating? ?/10
      Peugeot service ________
      Pickup ________
      Fuel Consumption _________
      Handling ________
      Speed ______

    3. Mohamad Redza Hashim says:

      Hi diegienismo

      Rating 5/10
      Peugeot Service 2/10 ( I want to give 0 but it will make the car looks bad )
      Pickup – Good But a high rev will be noticeable it will reach to 3.5 or more RPM before it make a final gear change
      Fuel Consuption – Still unable to get a good recorded mileage as I only use the car intercity ( No oustation so far )
      Handling – Good.Cornering at a speed of 80KM downhill ( Along MRR2 at the Ampang flyover after Flemingo Hotel)the car is stable.
      Speed – Good .Driving along MRR2 or KESAS at 140KM.
      Have tried the Sports mode and it really make the car go.
      Peugeot 308 is a good car , I’m thinking to get one too may be next year.My concerned is their service.I went to Glenmarie to get my tyre change,most of their so call Service Advicer are foringer ( Indian National) who does not know how to speak Malay and their English are typical Indian slang which are hard for u to understand.If any of the Peugeot service guys read this I hove they will do something.But knowing them, I think they really don’t care about their customer unless u drive to the service centre in your ferrari or brabus

    4. diegienismo says:

      Thz Redza,

      It that 140 is top speed??? What the speed you feel the cutoff? My sentra( stock-low pickup) can go to 160 but i dont feel it cutoff anyway can go more. worse if get 308 turbo if the performance is so plain..

      Service is my attention, i need to do solat istiqarah…JAZZZ OR 308…ermmm…
      lets me know more if you getting any info..

    5. Mohamad Redza Hashim says:

      Hi diegienismo
      140 is not the top speed, just me driving along the MRR2 and KESAS.The Bestari take the curve and conners well.If u read more on this site,u can see some owner claim that they can do up to 190 and I think the car can do that.Like I have mention,the sevice are questionable but as long as you take time to service the car as per the manual,it should be ok.

      Between JAzz and 308,well in terms of value for money Jazz would be good but if u are the type who enjoy driving fast and test your skill ,308 will be good (U might try driving from Raub to Kuala Lipis – Merapoh – Gua Musang up to Kuala Krai )
      Visit cbt.com.my or u can read it every sunday in Sunday Times.I got most of my reference from there,never miss CBT every sunday since it started.

    6. Diegienismo says:

      Wow that good info for me now..thz redza..thz a lot

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