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    Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV

    Fierce Front Fascia

    The car featured here is the plug in hybrid concept suv by Mitsubishi named as teh PX-MiEV.The Miev stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric vehicle. On a single glance, the exterior of the suv look like the current selling Mitsubishi Pajero except the more futuristic stance which is achieved by modern looking headlights and rear brake light.

    245/45 Tyres On 20 Inch Wheels

    Futuristic Looking Tail Lights

    Plug-In Charging Port

    Under the hood is a full plug-in hybrid system featuring two permanent magnet synchronus type electric motors both giving out a maximum output of 60KW and 200Nm of torque each.Both the motor is powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack.Charging the battery is can be done using 100-volt, 200-volt, or high-power quick-charging power supplies or by the 1.6 litr DOHC MIVEC engine.

    Plug-In Hybrid System Diagram

    At low speed, the front motor will supply the power to the front wheels.At high speed, the gasoline engine will kick in. Both the engine and motor can work simultaneously for the extra boost. This is achievable by the electronically controlled four-wheel drive (E-4WD) system.An electronic active yaw control E-AYC will supply the torque to the approriate wheels to minimise power wastage.

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