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  • Honda NSX Out To Hunt The Monsterous GTR

    The All New Gtr Bashing Honda NSX

    Good news for Vtec fans, well at least for Honda fans.The highly anticipated replacement for NSX might be here soon.With a Gtr bashing 500Bhp V10 engine,This model is build to outperform the monsterous 380bhp Nissan Skyline GTR in every single aspect.

    Honda NSX

     There is no solid proof that the Nsx replacement had beat the GTR.However a zebra skinned camouflaged mysterious Honda which is believed to be the Honda NSX replacement had been spotted running wildly around the Nurburgring Circuit German.It is said that it is trying its best to outbeat the sub 7.30 min GTR.

    The all new NSX

    The New Nsx is powered by a 550Bhp V10 engine mated with a eight speed auto gearbox which can be controlled by steering mounted pedal shift.To transfer the enormous power of the engine, the it uses an advanced four wheel drive system which is very different from what we have in our so called the Ideal 4×4.

    GTR bashing Nsx

    Before you can even complain how this beast drinks up fuel, youll be surprised that the fuel consumption is not as mean as the car itself.Thanks to the cylinder deactivation technology.This technology has been around for quite a time where you can see the technology being usedb y the under the Mivec MD (Modular Displacement) engine.But instead of shutting down 2 cylinder like the Mivec MD does,this monster will switch of 5 of its cylinder to save the fuel and to reduce exhaust emission.But with its 570Nm of torque,be prepared for a blast once all the 10 cylinder is brought to life again.

    Expect the car to appear in our local showroom by 2012 and make sure you have a Million Ringgit before even thinking of having her for a date.

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