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    Since the previous fuel price hike, people in Malaysia had tried a lot of things to make their car as fuel efficient as possible.But for those who got the money, you dont need to bother on the installation of NGV or any fuel saving devices. Just head straight to your local Honda dealer and book a Honda Civic Hybrid now.




    The Honda Civic Hybrid runs on two power source whih is the petrol engine and the electric motor.How does it works? The engine is simillar to a normal engine but the magic is inside the gearbox where there is an elcetric motor installed between the engine and the transmission.The motor will supply additional power to the engine in an acceleration, the power supplied by the motor is varied by the acceleration of the car.But at low speed cruise,the car will run on the motor alone. And during deceleration,the battery will be charged.

    Hybrid In Work

    Other than the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) the Civic Hybrid features a 3 stage i-vtec system which will give plenty of power throughout the rpm range.The combination of IMA and 3 stage i-Vtecwill gives the car higher engine output , better fuel efficiency and lower emmisions without compromising the power.

    System Block Diagram

    The 1.3liter 3-stage i-Vtec IMA engine produce 115PS(85Kw) of power and 167Nm of torque.The engine is mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission ( CVT ) to ensure a smooth driving experience and ultimate fuel efficiency

    Basic Diagram

    The exterior of the car is much like an ordinary Civic.Except for few differebt accesoriess mainly the different design of the alloy wheels.Interiorwise, it features a sporty cockpit which features an easy-to read 2-tier Multiplex Meter which should let the driver to scan all the parameter without getting distracted.A three spoke steering wheel is equipped to add the sportiness of the car.And for in car entertainment an integrated 6-disc cd changer with auxiliary jacks for mp3 player is installed

    For the sake of safety, the car is installed with Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags and front side airbags to prevent head and torso injury. The frontal side airbags also feature an Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) that determines the height and position of occupants and adjusts the airbags accordingly. And Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and the Electric Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)  is also installed to reduce the risk of accident.

    Meter Panel




    Engine Type 4 Cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC + IMA
    Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
    Bore & Stroke (mm) 73.0 x 80.0
    Displacement (cc) 1,339
    Compression Ratio 10.8:1
    Maximum Power [PS (kW) / rpm] 95 (70) / 6,000
    Maximum Torque [Nm (kg-m) / rpm] 123 (12.5) / 4,600
    IMA Electric Motor Max Horsepower [PS (kW) / rpm] 20 (15) / 2,000
    IMA Electric Motor Max Torque[Nm (kg-m) / rpm] 103 (10.5) / 0 – 1,160
    Drive-by-Wire  Techmology


    Transmission Type Continuosly Variable Transmission (CVT)
    Drive Wheels Front


    Gear Type Rack & Pinion with Power Assisted (Electric Power Steering)
    Overall Steering Ratio 13.62
    Turning Radius (m) 5.4


    Braking System Type (Front) Ventilated Disc
    Braking System Type (Rear) Drum


    Suspension System (Front) MacPherson Strut
    Suspension System (Rear) Independent Double Wishbone


    Overall Length (mm) 4,540
    Overall Width (mm) 1,750
    Overall Height (mm) 1,430
    Wheelbase (mm) 2,700
    Treads (Front) (mm) 1,500
    Treads (Back) (mm) 1,500
    Ground Clearance (mm) 135
    Weight (kg) 1,290
    Tyre Size 195 / 65 R15
    Fuel Tank Capacity (Litre) 50


    Price List for Peninsular Malaysia RM
    Selling Price 126,124.80
    Road Tax (1 year) 70.00
    Registration Fee 150.00
    Handling Fee 50.00
    Number Plate 50.00
    Ownership Endorsement Fee 50.00
    Retail Price (Without Insurance) 126,494.80
    Insurance 3,485.20
    Retail Price (With Insurance) 129,980.00
    Sum Insurance 126,000.00

    A. Prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    B. For Company Registration :
    • Registration Fee is RM500.
    • Road Tax is doubled.
    • Additional 5% Service Tax and All Driver RM50 on Insurance Premium are added.
    C. We recommend windscreen insurance coverage.
    D. 3 years warranty or 100,000km (whichever comes first) and
    6 months free service or 10,000km (whichever comes first).

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    1. Civic-driver says:

      Honda Civic Hybrid is not the main rival Prius. Yes, it was good, but not so much to become a leader in this niche. Where Toyota has become dangerous for the newly released Honda Insight, which a more impressive appearance of a cheaper analog Toyota Prius at $ 5 000 (due to the reduction of the cost of production of batteries).
      Of course Honda Insight will not be the absolute leader, but the Toyota Prius will have to move and it is a fact.

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