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    Some of you might know the existence of the KTM X-Bow roadster, a combination of toycar, go-kart, sports car and a track car all in one.With all these combination, what else can you ask for, it promises loads of fun in the track and give you the opportunity to feel like a kid again but still stand macho in front of the girls.Quite a fun looking track car i would say. But if you dont have any idea of what car im talking about, you can have a look by clicking the link below.


    If you still think that couldnt give you all the fun you needed, theres alway antoher option. Behold the P1 by a Argentinian Donto Motor Company. They have been working hard to produce a track car to compete with the KTM X-Bow and the Ariel Atom. In fact, they had been in development for 18 months for the two seater track car.

    Exterior designer Lucas Lopez says, “The P1 has a split body and the exoskeleton of an invertebrate, almost floating.” Under the removable roof and that “floating” body of unspecified material (maybe some form of carbon fiber / FRP mix) will be an FIA-approved chassis built by Hector Perez, a chassis builder in Argentina known for a variety of racing chassis.

    The P1 is expected to be sold around Europe with a German engine under the hood or better said behind the driver seat.Donto plans to build the track monster with a target weight of 700kg and with a Volkswagen’s 1.8 liter turbocharged engine installed, this thing could literally fly on the track. While being a superstar at the track, the P1 was planned to be street legal as well bringing the fun off the track.

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