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    Volvo Lowered Dynamic Chassis and Comfort Chassis.

    2010 Volvo S80 fronts

    The newly revised Volvo S80 will hit the showroom starting this summer and for the buyers, they will be able to between two type of chassis;the Lowered Dynamic Chassis and the Comfort Chassis. For the UK market, the SE and SE Lux models will be using the Lowered Dynamic Chassis but buyer are still able to opt for a Comfort Chassis for no additional cost. But only Comfort Chassis will be used for the Executive trim level.
    “For some customers, the driving experience is most important, while others priorities ride comfort,” says Stefan Sallqvist, section manager for vehicle dynamics at Volvo Cars. “We analyzed the different requirements and designed two alternative chassis with entirely different natures.”

    To fulfill the customer demand,Volvo has made the Lowered Dynamic Chassis far more taut and rigid, offering a much sportier driving characteristic and leech-like handling.The Lowered Dynamic Chassis are dropped down 20mm at the front and 15mm at the back.The shock absorbers have been given greater damping ability on both compression and extension strokes.To further increase the rigidity of the chassis, all the mountings on the sub-frame had been fitted with harder bushings and the anti-roll bars have also been strengthened to give increased side stability in corners.

    2010 Volvo S80 rear

    As for the Comfort Chassis, the S80’s standard chassis has been re-engineered and comes with softer springs and more subtle damping to deliver a more comfortable ride to the saloon‘s passengers.

    2010 Volvo S80 fronts2

    2010 Volvo S80 rear2

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