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    Toyota Supra is one of the best car to be tuned. The 3.0 liter 2jz engine is can handle more than 1000 horsepower with not much problem. The sleek sporty looks of the Toyota Supra made it one of the favorable Japanese sports car. But sadly, the production of Supra had stop in 2003.And since than i dont think Toyota had a proper sports car to compete with the Nissan Skyline GTR and Mazda RX7 or Rx8.


    As the years past, there is no news on the updated or the replacement model of the Supra until the Toyota unveiled the FT-HS Concept at the North American International Auto Show in 2007.Two and a half years later, fans are still waiting. However, the wait may soon be over as reports are indicating Toyota is preparing to launch a Supra revival in 2011.


    There is not much details available but from few different sources, we can say that the Supra will be a rear-wheel drive sports car with a 3.5-liter V6 and the Lexus GS450h’s 2GR-VSE 3.5-liter V6 which will be paired with the Toyota’s Crown hybrid system.Yes, a Supra Hybrid. The current 3.5-liter V6 only produces 268 hp and 248 lb-ft or torque but with the combination of Crown’s hybrid system, the engine will be able to produce more than 400HP.


    We really cant say much about the car yet but most probably we can see more details of the Supra replacement model at this year Tokyo Motor Show but still, the production model isn’t expected to be unveiled until next year.


    By that time, just enjoy these rendering of the FT-HS concept, the possible replacement model from the Toyota Supra.


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    4 Responses

    1. ntah says:

      sebab TOYOTA buat , so kira cun la…kalau jenis ni PROTON/PERODUA buat sure kena kutuk….sure la 100%
      terutama yang tak layak langsung pakai keta..heheh sebab tak mampu..molotnye je busukkk..hehehhe

    2. Lorenzo says:

      Toyota is one of the largest world wide company car-maker and of course the RnD of toyota must be higher grade than our’s national car-maker.
      Bcoz of what??
      TRUSTED from customer.
      BUT…..its not mean toyota car doesnt have any problem for 5 years and below users.
      BTW,,,,,,,,,,,,mybe the ratio just in range 1:300 car…….MYBE???
      who knows??
      its more important to survey 1st before buying new car..
      The quality of engine, interior, exterior, f.C, and 2nd hand market value….
      People always want the best switch with their pocket.

    3. mustaqim says:

      kenapalah proton dan perodua tak buat pertandingan cipta bentuk kereta. lepas tu pilih 10 tercantik/hebat/ranggi. pas tu baru buat model sebenar memang kalah toyota ni. Kenapalah tokei besar proton/perodua x terfikir. Enjin lama pun tak kisah. kita mau rupa bentuk bila orang tengok terus tangkap gila.

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