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    Last year, May 2008, Toyota had launched the next generation of its flagship JDM luxo-van, which is Toyota Alphard and Velfire.It’s a big news last year when Toyota launches a completely redesigned Alphard and Velfire.In our opinion, these two luxury vehicle are quite nice and elegant.The second generation of Toyota Alphard is said to be based on the Toyota FT-MV showcased at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show.

    We  also already bring you the story about these two luxury vehicle last year.You can click the link below to view it.


    And by the way, did you know that the van is one of the top vehicle in Japan? It’s no wonder that the Japanese often use vans as a second, street-legal flat. The Japanese do not take their vans lightly.


    Can you see the differences between the Alphard and Velfire?

    The name Vellfire was derived by combining the words velvet and fire.These two vehicles have slightly different rear and front looks.The different is the Velfire having two stepped headlamps and tail lamps.

    Toyota has positioned the Alphard as the one for customers looking for “elegance and refinement” while the Vellfire, a demonic-sounding name derived from combining “velvet” and “fire”, targets those who want “power and innovation.”  These are the answer from Toyota to differentiate their two identical cars that differ only in sheetmetal.

    The Toyota Alphard and Velfire has two engine choices – either a 2GR-FE 3.5 liter V6 engine with a 6-speed Super ECT transmission or a 2AZ-FE 2.4 liter DOHC VVT-i inline-4 engine mated to a Super CVT-i stepless gearbox with the option of 7 virtual gear ratios.

    The Alphard and Velfire will have to battle it out with other great like the Mazda MPV, Honda Elysion, and Nissan Elgrand.


    Looks more smart right?

    Have you seen these two luxury vehicle in our road?  Let’s hare ypur opinion about these two luxury vehicles here. More pictures below. Click the picture to enlarge.




    Luxury interior.. and quite nice if you ask me!


    Pictures of Toyota Velfire below



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    13 Responses

    1. abie says:

      Aduhai berapalah harga nya nie >>>>>>>>>

    2. gpfocus says:

      x pernah nampak lg kat negara kita ni..kena gi JB kot2 ada dah kat s;pore…

    3. kdi says:

      Yang Toyota Vellfire tu byk kali dah jumpe kat area KL & Selangor. Tadi baru jumpe satu kat Gombak kaler hitam.

    4. awg1031 says:

      aduh,mewah siot dalam..bwk famili jalan2 ni mesti xtgk luar dah,layan tv laaaa..hehe

    5. ako says:

      siam ada la jual benda alah ni….klu duit mesia dlm 300k la…beli rumah better lg…

    6. diegienismo says:

      For whom dreaming for it please look for driver first, you know it joy as passenger not for driver..

    7. silverhead says:

      tgk kat mudah.my rege dia rm500k++

    8. ian says:

      mantap bener ya ni mobil………serasa naik airbus 380A di darat…………..

    9. eno norton says:

      brp tuh?? gw bli sneee….
      sebutin harganyaa…>!!!
      lngsung duit d tngan ne…..
      kirim email k gw cpt!!! gw bnyak uang tnang aja!!!!

    10. HELL FIRE @ API NERAKA says:

      Yang menatang Vellpari tu harga die aku tengok kat satu kedai sebelah Shell Jalan Gombak RM588,000.00. Mamat tu kata kalau rege Alfad baru tuseparuh dari harga Hellfire.

    11. bem-bem says:

      enak y. klo banyak duit pasti bisa beli mobil kayak gini
      ntar deh gw mo nabung dulu he…
      kapan kali y. tabungan gw bsa nyampe…
      tp bermimpi boleh kan……..

    12. Wawa says:

      Saya pun suka kereta ni. Tapi papa saya belikan saya kereta Audi.

    13. Airin says:

      Saya x berapa suka kereta mpv. Saya lebih suka kereta saya yg sekarang.

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