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    top secret v12 supra

    3.0 liter twin turbo powered Toyota Supra would be more than enough for our fellow malaysian. But for a Japanese tuner named Top Secret. It was’nt enough. Instead, they want it bigger.What they do? Plonk in a 5 litre 1GZ-FE V12 engine. And to heat things up add in two turbocharger.

    top secret v12 toyota supra

    The Top Secret V12 Supra launched to the world at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon featuring a 5 litre 1GZ-FE Toyota engine from the Toyota Century luxury vehicle. Matched to this Top Secret have employed the latest generation HKS GT-RS turbo for each bank of 6 cylinders.

    V12 toyota supra

    The V12 Toyota Supra produces a whopping 1000bhp.Why 1,000hp? Because this is the number Smoky feels is needed for him to take this car to 400 km/h (249 mph).  Smoky wants to one-up his CV35 Skyline, which ran 341 km/h (212mph) on Germany’s Autobahn. That top speed prompted the 400 km/h goal for the Supra and the necessity for the 1,000hp rating. But you need more than just power to rocket up to almost four times the speed that Ricky’s Accord cruises on the 405, you need aerodynamics.

    top secret

    The 1,000bhp Top Secret V12 Supra clocked 222mph on the 7.8 mile banked Nardo ring in Italy which is used for testing top speeds.But the V12-engined Supra still has a way to go before toppling the Koenigsegg CCR, which holds the Nardo top speed record of 241mph.

    top secret supra

    The transformed Supra also features many parts for which we can only dream of, a Top Secret Plenum, 8 piston Greddy brake calipers, custom mounted ARC intercooler at the front and ARC radiator in the back. But perhaps the most striking and obvious change is the completely new Top Secret “Final Evolution” body kit, which features completely transformed front end, lights and body profile. One of the few parts to remain are the rear lights, which have also been changed to a Top Secret LED custom item.

    top secret supra interior


    The rest of the Supra is standard Top Secret fare with little more than leather-clad Bride Gias seats, Takata harnesses, a Top Secret wheel and a Defi Super Sports Cluster to complement the clean factory look that Smoky favors. The footwork is also pure Smoky-style with GREX stoppers and Top Secret coilovers equipped with the Roberuta Cup kit which offers in-car height adjustability. Finally, the Supra’s shoes offer a new spin on things. The 19-inch Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tires may be some of Smoky’s all-time fav’ rubbers but the Volk GT-Fs are a new model finished in the Top Secret Exclusive gold.

    top secret supra defi cluster

    And for the record, This car is quite famous in uk. Why? because you can find videos of Smokey Nagata Top Secret V12 Supra, arrested by a U.K. police.

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    1. Alvin says:

      supra ini,,,,,GILER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PASTI BOLEH BELASAH EVO 10……….CAPATI,,,ROTI CANAI,,,TOSAI,,,,,,,,,,,,,CUBA RACE TENGOK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    2. awg1031 says:

      nk lawan cane,kata da modi..kalo evo pun wt camtuh pun balik2 sama gak..

    3. protonmania says:

      supra lain kategori, evo 10 lain kategori… tapi evo 10 tak masyuk… i love evo 9. Dapat standard pun alhamdullillah syukran……

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