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    Car Driving Tips In Malaysia

    Drive Carefully

    Driving a car is not the same from country to country. Everything is different depending on the infrastructure of the country, the habbit of drivers and also the cultures.Even driving in the sub-urban area and urban area also makes a lot of different.Today I will discuss on tips on drving in Malaysia.What to expect, what to know and what to do.

    1.Beware of the motorcyclist.

    Some of them who like to race are called ‘Mat Rempit‘ Malaysia has a high number of motorcyle user. You have to drive carefully whenever you find a lot of motorcyclist. A lot of them like to ride their bike wrecklessly. They love to swerve between lanes. Some of them will do their stunt right in front of you or any other crowded area. We have to drive carefully around the especially during the night where it is actually the Mat Rempit’s playtime.And beware of bikes without light. Trust me, you wont noticed them until the last moment where you almost hit them.


    2.Motorcylist at the traffic light.

    Whenever you are at a traffic light,most probably there will be a bunch of motorcyclist surrounding your car, Whenever the light turn green, dont expect a quick getaway, you have to be patient not to hit them as some of them is very slow. And whenever you are leaving a traffic light, get a good glance on each corner, make sure there is no incoming traffic since quite a lot of motorcylist doesnt like the idea of waiting the red light to turn red.


    3.Road hogger

    When driving on a highway/expressway which has more than 1 lane, always be patient. You will see quite a number of road hogger, Some of them drives slowly but stays on the right most lane or the fast lane. Some of them had the perception of driving at the maximum speed allowable means they can be on the right lane. But they are wrong. The right lane is only for overtaking. Unless the road is all jammed up. because of them you will see a lot of cars overtakes on your left and swerve from right to left especially those sport car and modified car.

    4. Hazards light

    Hazard light are actually meant for emergency only. But when you see them blinking, it doesnt neccesarily mean that they are in emergency or the car had stopped. Because in Malaysia, it is quite common for drivers to do this when they drive slowly in heavy rain.Personally i think this is quite dangerous as you can differentiate whether the car is moving or already stop.

    lampu hazard


    In case of accident, try not to be so brave. If you are rammed from behind, take a look at the guy who hit you first. If they look suspicious, drive off to the nearest police station and lodge a report.In the recent year, there has been a lot of car mugging cases. The most common method is by provoking a minor accident just like i mention above. To prevent it, go to the nearest police station, especially if you are rammed at a dark alley or an isolated area.

    car breakdown..

    6.Other useful advice to prevent car mugging / carjacking

    -Don’t stop if a passing motorist tells you that something is wrong with your vehicle .Pull into the nearest petrol station or well-lit public area. Call the police.

    -At stoplights, leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front of you in case you must pull away quickly.

    -Always keep doors locked and windows rolled up when driving or when parked. Keep valuables in the trunk or in the locked glove compartment.

    -Learn emergency vehicles’ signals. Police lights are red and blue. Do not stop for flashing white headlights alone.

    -Do not resist in the rare event that a stranger demands your valuables. Your well-being is more important than your belongings.

    -Don’t pick up hitchhikers under any circumstances. Always be aware of the pedestrian traffic around your vehicle. Always park in a well-lit area. Have car keys in hand and check in and around the car before entering.

    -Don’t take shortcuts to save time or exit expressways prematurely to save tolls. Tolls are a nominal charge, change is available at many booths, and your safety is most important.

    -If your car malfunctions on a major thoroughfare, lock the doors, turn on the hazard lights and wait for the police to arrive. If someone offers help, have them call the police.

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