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    Speed cameras are located everywhere and how to avoid from that? For sure you can easily get any device such as GPS and Speed camera Detector to warn and  alert you when you are approaching a speed trap camera. How the speed camera and speed camera detector works? Here we share some info regrading both device.


    Speed camera generally uses a few technology to detect speed of your vehicle and caprture your car with plate number. Below are some of the speed camera specification and type of speed camera.
    How to Protect Yourself : GPS System such as Road Angel or a Radar Detection System or conventional Radar detector such as the Snooper S5 or Beltronics 550
    How They Work : The most popular big gray box speed camera on roads. The Dutch based manufacturers also produce a mobile unit called a mini or mobile Gatso which can be used in a car, in a trailer on a tripod or from a moving vehicle. – GPS detection systems dont pick up mobile Gatso.
    The fixed position camera uses a flash to capture offending drivers from the rear on film, each roll lasting for about 300 to 400 pictures before requiring a change.
    Many drivers have pleaded that they weren’t driving the car and the image cant prove otherwise, hence the implementation of the Truvelo forward facing camera, detailed below.
    Many Gatso cameras are located near, often behind signs or bridges, making use of the existing power source which they need to function.
    Limitations : Once they run out of film they become inactive. Approximately only one in 4 GATSO static cameras is fully operational at any one time. Some have now been painted bright colours.
    How to Protect Yourself : GPS Speed Camera Detection System only.
    How They Work : A forward facing camera, designed to take photographs of the front of a passing vehicle, allowing the picture taken to show the driver of the vehicle as well to aid prosecution.
    Sensors in the road calculate the speed and the Infra red camera captures the car registration number and driver picture without a flash. This system offers evidence as to the identity of the driver at the time of the offence.
    No flash it ommitted as the system uses Infra Red Light.
    Limitations : Once they run out of film they become inactive. Do not work on Motorbikes with no front registration plate.
    How to Protect Yourself : GPS Speed Camera Detection System
    How They Work : Also known as Speed Violation Detection Deterrent (SVDD), the SPECS system uses high surveylance video that time you from point to point.
    These are designed to prevent motorists from braking at the GATSO camera and speeding up later as they calculate your average speed between points, upto a mile.
    Limitations : Easy to Spot and thats about it. The data is stored digitally on a central computer, so that there is no need for film to be collected and changed at the cameras site.
    How to Protect Yourself : GPS System which includes them ie Road Angel, Snooper S4, S3, S6
    How They Work : Rubber strips in the road calculate your speed as you pass over them via the small telltale grey post which sits along side. The DS2 system requires a mobile camera usually in a van to plug into this grey post inorder to photograph you. They cant calculate your speed without the van plugging the camera in the post so watch for it nearby.
    Limitations : Difficult to spot if you are not using a GPS Speed Camera Warning System. Cant capture your speed unless the van with camera is plugged into the grey post. Sometimes the strips in the road are only on one side of the road.
    How to Protect Yourself : Conventional Radar / Laser Detector / Diffuser
    How They Work : With changes in policy to make cameras more visible, more effort and resources are being put into mobile units.
    Mini-Gatso : Similar to the Static Gatso but much smaller are operates out of the back of parked car, van or tripod mounted so is not easy to spot. Very accurate.
    ( RARE )
    Mobile Gatso : Take the form of the Grey Box type statis camera but sit on a trailer type base with wheels that can be moved from place to place to prevent motorists from slowing at a know point. ( RARE )
    Teletraffic : Police camera teams use this as a vehicle based system which can be set up to detect speeding traffic from a distance of upto a mile using laser technology. The device is aimed on a vehicle number plate and which is then recorded on video film with the associated speed. Often seen on Motorway bridges.
    Multanova : Multanova, are a company based in Switzerland who specialise in traffic enforcement systems. They have many products to catch out the unwary motorist, but the ones you ought to know about are the Multanova 6F-2 and 9F – both radar-based systems that can be installed in just about any manner you can imagine, including pole-mounted, box-mounted, mobile, built-in to a vehicle and many others. They operate using Ka band radar technology and are not very common.
    Laser: Now the most popular mobile method of entrapment as laser is so good.
    Typical uses of laser include motorway bridges, van’s at the side of the road with the back doors facing you or open, tripod mounted or handheld.
    Laser can operate at a mile to a mile and a half and if very accurate and very fast.
    Officer records your speed, numberplate automatically within a few seconds.
    Limitations : Cant be used in the rain. snow or thick fog.


    Basically, there are 3 types of technology which are used within speed camera detectors. One is radar detection which works by detecting the radar emanating from the camera ahead.  It is, however illegal to use radar detectors in some European countries so if you are planning to drive abroad, it’s important to check out the specific country’s motoring laws first.
    GPS speed camera detectors are also legal because they use a database of camera locations and because this data is available to all members of the public, any new speed cameras which are installed have to be registered onto the database so the information as to their location is out there for all to see, including drivers, of course. However, it is important to remember that the databases are updated constantly so you need to ensure that your GPS device is subscribed to a reputable database which updates its information regularly. In other words, as a speed camera detector, your GPS device is only as good as the database it uses.
    Laser jammers, however, are an entirely different proposition altogether and, perhaps, are partly responsible for causing confusion about the legality of speed camera detectors. They still present a ‘grey’ area when it comes to their legality as the technology within them can be used to remotely open garage doors, for example. Because there are no laws against using devices which emit infra red or laser light, as long as it doesn’t harm humans, animals or other property, they can’t be classed as illegal. However, they are often bought with the ‘intention of interfering’ with speed cameras and, as such, if you were stopped by police and openly admitted that you used the technology for this purpose, you could be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.
    Benefits of Having Speed Camera Detection
    You might think that the police and other law enforcement agencies would be negative about GPS based speed camera detectors. However, this is not the case and they have broadly welcomed its introduction. In fact, many would say that the technology has increased driver awareness and has helped motorists drive more responsibly.
    As GPS speed camera detectors alert drivers when they are approaching a speed camera as well as telling them the speed limit on that particular stretch of road and their current speed, drivers are more likely to act responsibly and to keep within the speed limit. This has been particularly useful in reducing accidents in renowned accident ‘blackspots’ and around schools as the technology enables drivers to focus on their immediate environment as opposed to constantly staring at the speedometer.
    Therefore, the technology is out there and, rather than us thinking that it’s going to help us ‘get one over’ on the police, it should be considered as an additional safety device to enable us to take more care when driving. An emphasis on ‘evasion’ isn’t going to help you if you are speeding where your device has not detected a thing when, all of a sudden, a police car rolls out of a hidden lay by behind you.
    Is the Speed camero detector really gives benefit overall?
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