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    On the 23rd May 2009, the first round of Sepang Drag Battle SDB is held at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) but unluckily, i have to work that night and even if am free i wouldn be able to drive my car there since my car had been grounded for few months.


    But on the next day, on the 24th of May, there is a Track Day organizes by the SIC. For your information, the track day is open for everyone to drive their car on the international standard SIC. Yes, you’ll be racing on the same track as all the F1 cars and Japan GT racing cars were racing before.


    The Sepang Track day doesnt come often. It depends on the availability of the track. If there is a lot of racing event or any other special programs. the frequency of the track day will be lesser.The date of the track day can be found in www.malaysiangp.com. But most of the announcement is quite late and its better to call the person in charge for confirmation of the date.

    track-day-persona-std1A Stock Standard Proton Persona with Enkei RP01 Sport Rims

    The requirement of entering the circuit on the track day is simple. All you need is a working car which there is no leakage of oil and the car meets the national safety code such as the seat belts and a proper working brake system. It doesnt matter if you car is fully modified or stock standard. I saw a stock standard persona and a stock Honda City driven by a lady.And when every condition is satisfied, all you have to do is register yourself at the registration counter and pay the sum of RM200 for a session of 3 hours. But dont forget, you have to bring a safety helmet, both for the driver and the passenger.


    If you plan to race in the track, make sure you have some extra cash in hand. Anything can happen in the track. On that day, im suppose to become a passenger of my friend’s Honda Civic Type R FD2R. But for the first round, my other friend sits in the passenger seat. And after 1 and a half lap, a Satria Track car rammed his fender while he was taking a nice apex line at the corner.So he moved to the side but the Satria stayed in the middle of the track and few second later, another Honda Civic FD2 banged the Satria. And caused a massive damage to both the Satria and the Civic. For my friend, he’s quite lucky cause he is still able to drive off the car but like the other Civic owner, his car cant move and in need of towing. So this is where you need the extra Cash.

    track-day-fd2r-accidentMy Friend’s 1 Month Old FD2R Aftermath

    Warning, Motorsport Can Be Dangerous! You will see this all over the world and it is true.What we need to do is becareful and make sure you know what you yare  doing. Never go beyond you car and you personal ability.And if you are in the game of motorsport, be prepared to spend some money on repairs and such.


    Back to the SIC, among the car i saw there was a Flat Black Nissan R35 GTR, Proton Satria Neo R3 driven by Faidzil Alang, Lotus Elise, Bmw M3, a lot of Subaru Impreza, and all other street and track car.


    Hopefully, by the end of the year, i will participate in the track day. All i need to is to repair and prepare my car for a track setup. So later if you see a white Mazda Familia Clair on the track, dont forget to wave and say Hi.

    PS:Sorry for the low quality picture since im using my camera phone

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    5 Responses

    1. kamilnutcase says:

      any info about that standard persona?

    2. kalo ade duit terlebih leh la cmpk kt track nie…syg kete ooo….

    3. azameel says:

      no info, its not very standard actually, some exhaust work had been done, and the sport rims, everything else look stock standard,
      [email protected],tape, keta aku mmg dibina untuk dilenjan pon, hehe

    4. kamilnutcase says:

      i am looking forwrd to meet the owner as the car well prep inside..i saw him chase the orange satria neo and corolla every single corner in sepang..

    5. amnesh says:

      can I know what are the wheel spec for the persona with enkeis rp01? is it 15 or 16 inch?

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