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    Previously there is a news on the authorities want to summon vehicle user who use ‘korek’ tyres but Sun Tyre Industries Sdn Bhd (Suntex) had clarify that retreaded tyre are safe and reliable for use an there is a bit of misconception between retreaded tyres and re-grooved tyres.Read the full news from bernama below



    SEREMBAN, July 27  — Retreaded tyres are safe and reliable for use, according to Sun Tyre Industries Sdn Bhd (Suntex), the country’s largest tyre retreading company.

    Suntex’s general manager Chin Hon Meng said that some people have a misconception about retreaded tyres, confusing it with re-grooved tyres which are reported to be unsafe.

    Chin said that retreaded tyres are being commonly used in Western countries as well as by over 60 percent of the industries in Malaysia, including agriculture, mining, public transport and cargo handling.

    “Many industrial and light commercial vehicles are using retreaded tyres. About 80 percent of the world’s aircraft are using retreaded tyres too,” he said here Monday.

    Chin said retreaded tyres are designed to reduce the total commercial vehicle operating cost, reduce scrap tyre disposal and save natural resources and energy.

    “To produce safe, reliable and good quality tyres encompasses various key processes, such as on selection of good quality casings it is essential to have proper screening using the shearography tyre test system, buffing and punctures repair, and final pre-delivery quality control checks,” he said.

    “And all these must comply with the technical specifications of Malaysian Standard MS224. In addition, we carry out in-house testing and tests are also conducted by external or independent laboratories accredited by the Department of Standard,” he added.

    Chin said Suntex, which is currently retreading about 30,000 pieces of tyres each month, is also the only company using the barcoding system to trace the materials used and product warranty.

    He said Suntex was the first recipient of the product certification licence, Malaysian Standard MS224:2005, for retreaded pneumatic rubber tyres for commercial vehicles.

    “Our certified retreaded tyres will carry a product warranty against defects in the workmanship and material. But re-grooved tyres do not have such warranty,” he added.

    Suntex, located at the Senawang Industrial Estate here, has a network of more than 1,500 tyre dealers in Malaysia and Singapore, and its products are also exported to Asean countries.

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