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    Getting around in Dubai is pretty easy. Dubai public transport is excellent. Especially for tourist. This is a short tips of getting around in Dubai by train, taxi and bus. The public transport in Dubai managed by the government agencies, RTA (UAE Road Transport Authority). The three main type of public transport have a good combination and linked each other very well in the city and to all the tourist attraction places in Dubai.


     The best type of public transport for airport transfer from Dubai International Airport DXB is via the RTA train DUBAI METRO. It has 2 line which is green and red. The train will pass all the tourist attraction place in Dubai such as Burj Dubai / Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Internet CIty, World Trade Center (where the autoshow organised) and around the city center of Dubai.

     It is quite easy to buy the train ticket by using the electronic machine.

    For tourist, we suggest you to get the daily pass ticket for all zones. The train daily pass cost only AED 16 Dirham which around RM14. With the daily pass ticket, you can travel unlimited via train and buses to anywhere within a day! The best way to get around in Dubai. It is cheap, the high service frequency and punctual.

     The RTA train station.

    The RTA electric train. Be aware not to buy the special class ticket. You can buy regular train ticket. Do not enter the ladies and child space.


    There are a lot of taxi (teksi) in Dubai. Nearly half of the transport on the Dubai road are taxis. All of them are executive taxi which uses Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Altima.


    The taxi fare is very cheap and affordable eventhough they use higher capacity engine car without NGV. Starting charge is AED3. All taxis uses meter and no haggling.


    RTA did not allow you to smoke, drink and eat in their public transport or you can be fined a few hundreds Dirham. It is stated there if the taxi driver did not use meter, the journey is free and he cannot ask for payment.


    The minimum fare is 10 Dirham to anywhere. Usually we pay around 10-20 Dirham for a single trip to nearest tourist attraction places. So, it is very affordable and we have no fear of high taxi fare in Dubai.


     A lot of taxi queue in a line waiting for their customer. Just go to the most in front taxi and tell them where you wanna go.


    Instead of train and taxi, it is also quite easy to get in the bus. For travellers, the easiest way to travel to all tourist attraction places is by the Dubai Big Bus Tour (just like hope on hop off bus) where you pay a bit expensive around AED100 ++ for unlimited ride in a day.

     The RTA bus connects you to all tourist attraction places along the beaches. You can see a screen at the top there which shows you where you exactly at and the point where the bus will stop at the upcoming bus stop. It is easy and efficient.


     All the bust stop is like a small transparent room with AIR CONDITIONING!


     The map of bus route is available inside the bus stop. It connects you to the Dubai beaches such as Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island and the world island. Just use the train ticket RTA daily pass to touch on the bus door to get a free unlimited ride for the day.

    For muslim travel, there are a lot of mosque in Dubai. Above is the prayer time. Also a lot of halal food. We feel like we are in Malaysia because the culture, weather, food in Dubai has not much different with Malaysia. The best place for muslim travel package and easy for muslim tourist.

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