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    Scrap car policy had been used in foreign country such as Japan and Singapore. Now our government is planning to do the same policy in Malaysia.The policy had been used by Proton by their own Scrapping Policy which allow car owners to exchange their cars in return for a discount to buy a new car.

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     SHAH ALAM, 23 February 2009 – PROTON Holdings Bhd has expressed its strong support of the Government proposed scrapping policy to allow car owners to exchange their cars in return for a discount to buy a new car.

    PROTON Managing Director Dato’ Hj Syed Zainal Abidin bin Syed Mohamed Tahir said in any developed countries, scrapping policy has been used in many other developed countries to ensure a sustainable industry.

    “This policy is an important tool in the “ecosystem” of the automotive industry where it could help the industry to not only dispose of old cars but to stimulate growth in the industry, ” said Dato’ Syed Zainal Abidin

    The policy augurs well for development of the industry which is facing one of the toughest challenges in decades. Other countries already implementing similar policy are Japan and Singapore.

    One of the additional benefit of the policy is that it will allow old cars to be disposed of more responsibly, thus avoiding he cars becoming environmental problems.

    PROTON has implemented an exchange programme since November 2007 that allows its customers to trade their old cars in exchange for a discount on new purchase of PROTON cars such as Gen2, Perdana and Satria Neo.

    Among the terms and conditions are that the car has to be registered with Road Transport Department in the Peninsular Malaysia and that it must be operational and functional. Once surrendered to Proton Edar, the car cannot be returned.

    As at January 2009, nearly 1,700 Proton cars have been purchased through the programme.

    About PROTON
    PROTON, established in 1983, is Malaysia largest manufacturer of automobiles. With operations in key market centers from UK and Western Europe to the Middle East, and across South-East Asia and Australasia, PROTON produces cars to suit a range of consumer demands and preferences. The offerings include versatile and reliable four-door family vehicles, two-door hatchbacks for the young-at-heart, luxurious and stylish executive sedans, as well as the world-renowned sport cars from Lotus.

    PROTON’s inception as a key driver of national development has seen the brand accelerate its learning curve through technology transfer with strategic partnerships and technical collaborations. PROTON cars are now steadily on track to achieving the mission for the future, gearing up to achieve the promise of a marque which builds cars with passion and soul; cars which are a delight to drive and a pleasure to own.

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    1 Response

    1. Niemans says:

      This will be HOTLY DEBATED issue, with everyone including polititians, consumer groups, NGOs, car related associations and finally by our poor RAKYAT. First the Govt MUST FULLY disclose and let us know how and what this Scrapping Policy is all about. How It worked in Singapore and Japan and DO NOT HIDE any material facts!

      PROTON of course will support this policy as with many other car manufacturer which will join the bandwagon soon. More PROFITS ma!

      Issues to ponder:
      As far as I know, when Singaporean bought a certain car-the value is included the final depreciated value of the car by the 10th year period. Which means a car of 100000 will have eg 30000 value towards the 10th year, and a schedule of value if it is disposed earlier. Now question is how can the Govt implement a FIXED ‘ex-gratia’ value of RM5000 for an old car?

      By changing from a FULLY PAID old car to a new car say new SATRIA NEO CPS costs RM57800 minus RM5000 trade in ala ‘scrap’ this owner has to become a “slave” again to finance his car all over again! Not me. Now why should I, when my car is in excellent running condition?

      Our Govt impose a very high duty for both local and imported cars. If the Govt decided to implement this scrapping policy it is time to re-look at the duties imposed!

      Now there will be many other unthinkable points to talk about..any of you out there wish to add?

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