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    The highly anticipated Malaysia’s first MPV, the Proton Exora had been succesfully launch after countless of spy photos, teasers and speculations.Priced at Rm69,998 for M-Line and Rm75,998 for the H-Line, the Exora is affordable and the features you’ll get on the Exora is simply outstanding.

    Features and attractive prices wont get you a peace of mind. What most of us really concern is the safety of the MPV itself.Almost any MPV can gives your family a comfortable ride, but can it really protect you in case of accidents?To ensure you loved one is protected in the Exora, Proton had spent millions of dollar in crash testing the Exora.A total of 32 unit of the Exora had been destroyed during the process.

    Exora Crash Picture

    The crash test is done using the Applus+ IDIADA facility in Spain.All those test were done to ensure the Exora obtain Euro NCAP 4 star standards.With all the safety features developed by the Proton’s engineer, the Exora managed to get the 4 star Euro NCAP rating.

    Exora Crash Front Picture

    Provided here is the Crash Test Video of the Proton Exora:

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUbjsRrsYgY&feature=channel 425 344]

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-YF2MLsJJ8&feature=channel 425 344]

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyNxxTZJjqo&feature=channel 425 344]

    Among the key features which made it possible is the use of high tensile teel for its body cage which provides better stability and increased impact absorption in a collision.Side Impact bars are installed to reinforced the door structure and to absorb impact from the side.The Hydro Forming Sub-Frame Technology which is used in some part of the front chassis structure provides better load impact distribution in the event of collision.

    Proton Exora Chassis Structure

    To actually minimise the risk of an accident itself, Proton had fitted Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) to avoid the car from skidding during emergency brake and Electronic Brake Force Distribution System (EBD) to ensure the correct amount of braking power is sent to the correct wheels according to the current weight distribution of the car. A pair of airbags and pre-tensioner seat belt are installed for the front passenger to minimize injuries during crashes.

    Proton Exora Safety Features

    Other safety features includes Auto Door Lock, Programmable Auto Lock, Speed Auto lock, Auto Door Unlock, Crash Unlock,and Auto block .And among the security features installed is a Free-rotating Door Key Cylinder, Immobilizer and Alarm History.

    Additional Proton Exora TV Commercial Video

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UxEllfbVOs&feature=channel 425 344]

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    8 Responses

    1. Awang says:

      Boleh tahan juga tegok reka bentuk exora ni. Tapi belum tahu lagi keupayaannya. Pihak Proton sediakanlah ‘Test Drive’ untuk exora bolehlah banding dgn MPV lain yang sudah ada. Harap tidak mengecewakan sbb harga banding MPV lain agak mahal. Patut harga bawah 70k untuk semua model.

    2. jai neo says:

      kuakan model R3 ok

    3. ripin says:

      Sy berminat kat model EXORA nie cuma sy menunggu sedikit masa lagi untuk booking….maybe secodng model kot…

    4. Niemans says:

      Sorry to challenge you on this, azameel, but correct me if I am wrong.

      Proton has sent the Proton Exora for crash testing using the Applus+ IDIADA facility in Spain. The tests were required to engineer the Exora to MEET Euro NCAP 4 star standards, which Proton claims the Exora will be able to achieve based on its tests conducted at IDIADA according to Euro NCAP test specifications. [ the phrase word ‘according to’].

      The Proton claims the Exora was designed to be able to achieve a 4 star Euro NCAP equivalent of crash safety.

      There is no information on Proton Exora in EURO NCAP official website; unless it was not updated. There is only available Proton Impian. I don’t think Proton has actually ‘obtain’ the EURO NCAP 4* approval and Applus+IDIADA is not affliated to EURO NCAP whom are based in Brusssels, Belgium.

      Nevertheless, as Proton aspires to market their vehicles to EU countries, the EURO NCAP rating is a MUST for them to achieve. The current commitment by Proton to make its car as safe as possible is really appreciated and applauded by us.

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