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  • Perodua Nautica-The Ideal 4WD Spotted

    Perodua Nautica-The Ideal 4WD Spotted

    The Ideal 4WD


    Finally, after few months of waiting the Ideal 4wd had been spotted in Kuantan.I thought i wont see the nautica at all but i was surprised that i saw one.Why would you buy the Perodua instead of the Toyota Rush.Im sure there is a lot of advantages by buying the Nautica instead of the Toyota Rush such as all time 4WD? or less weight by shortening the wheelbase?or removing the seats?But seriously speaking there must be a solid reason why someone would opt for the ideal 4WD instead of the Toyota Rush.

    So for anyone who bought the Perodua Nautica feel free to drop a comment or two about this car.Share your experiences and let it be a guidance to our fellow friend who is looking for their ideal 4WD or 2WD.

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    5 Responses

    1. kdi says:

      Yeay3! dah ada orang pakai nautica! haha.. ade gaks orang pakai nautica. orang kuantan lak tuh. hu2.. neway, nampak cam comey gak eh. sure kaya mamat tuh beli keter 90k camtu =p

    2. Reka bentuk dia pehh!! tapi bab enjin ni yang penting ni.Betul ke keta ni kuat sedut minyak? Ada orang tuan punya Nautica kata Nautica hanya mampu pergi sejauh 11km/l? Betul ke?Kalau betul ! Baik beli Triton! Triton pon boleh pergi sejauh 15km/ liter walaupun dengan transmisi automatik.

    3. syafiq says:

      mahal giler utk model jenama brand PERODUA. adakah benar kata2 mereka ttg perodua skrg agak tamak dlm menentukan harga kereta mereka?

    4. Comment says:

      CBU mmg mcm tu..
      Dgn harga Nautica ni ada byk pilihan lain boleh difikirkan…
      Spesis yang jarang dilihat kat jalanraya..

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