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    JPJ (RTD) received a lot of complaints regarding inaccurate blacklist status which will give problems to drivers to renew their license. Due to the problem, RTD decided to start new mechanisms to allow road users to check their blacklist status through official JPJ website, SMS or phone. Read further news from Bernama below.



    The Road Transport Department (RTD) will formulate a new mechanism to improve the quality and effectiveness of the traffic offender blacklisting method and summons checking system to prevent disputes.

    Its director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said a special committee, which he chairs, had been set up for the purpose.

    He said the committee, comprising representatives from the Attorney-general’s Chambers, Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), Home Ministry and local authorities, would convene a two-day meeting on April 4 and 5, to find the best suitable mechanism.

    “The report on the mechanism will be submitted within two weeks after the meeting,” he told reporters after meeting with state RTD directors here Tuesday.

    He said the move was taken after the department was deluged with public complaints that the blacklisting method used by RTD and PDRM was very confusing and troublesome for many, especially when they wanted to renew their road tax and driving licence.

    “We have received a lot of complaints from the public who said that when they checked online, they were found not to have any summons or violated any traffic laws, but when they went to RTD counters, they were told that they not only had unpaid summons, but had also been blacklisted.

    “So, we have to find a way to enable them to get correct and accurate information through accessible systems like SMS, phone calls and websites, but we have to upgrade the system so that the information is always up to date,” he said.

    Solah said failing to do so would only tarnish the image of government’s department and could lead to a series of disputes between RTD and its customers.

    Apart from the public complaints, Solah said the committee would also take into consideration views and suggestions from other quarters in formulating the new mechanism.

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