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    Proton Saga BLM had been a very successful car produced by Proton.The small sized sedan have the right price tag to its size, comfort and performance. For me the Saga BLM is balanced in every aspect that you could think of.From the price, the comfort that you get, the performance,the fuel economy, the look, the feel, everything is well balanced. And how much you have to pay for all that? Not even Rm40,000.


    The Z Concept Design Kit Which Can Be Found In Many Bodywork Shops

    Buying it is one thing but how would you cherish your new love?Some may buy their ride accesories. Some may give it a new paintjob but most of them would slap in some bodykits and mod their ride to their personal taste.But modifying your ride is not an easy job. A wrong move may literally destroy you car looks.Thats why i had combined few Saga BLM modified pictures and renderings.There is few pictures of modified Saga BLM previously but i know, it wasnt enough .


    A Saga BLM Fitted with Chargespeed Bumper

    Actually this thread is dedicated to the “Saga BLM family of KDI“.I Know some of the still havent modified their ride and still in need of ideas to modified their ride.I Hope the thread will bring more ideas to them and all saga BLM owner to modify their car.


    A carbon fiber bonnet is already a trend nowadays. Previously it is used to reduce weight on car but now it has become more of a trend thing. If you cant find a carbon fiber bonnet for your BLM, you can always use the carbon fiber design sticker or send your car for a carbon fiber design paint.


    This is one of the cleanest looking mods. There is minimum mods done here but the car looks complete enough with the addition of the spoiler, rewoked bumper and a bigger rims.


    This rendering features an extensively modified BLM. The front facia of the car had been totaly reworked. The bumper is custom made which ressemble the Mazda RX8 looks. As for the interior, you can see few sets of gauges or meter which made the interior feels like in a cockpit.


    Here’s another clean looking BLM. Loving the smoked headlight.


    This is my favourite mods. The BLM is only fitted with front and rear lips, side skirts, and rear spoiler.  And the rim choosed really fits the design and with the red coloured calipers,  it made the car look aggresive.

    Our readers and admin modified Saga BLM :

    Amir’s Modified BLM

    Amoymelayu’s Modified BLM

    Ayezat’s Modified BLM

    KDI’s Modifed BLM

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    20 Responses

    1. muryadi says:

      pening jugak nak pilih..tapi saya prefer yg kurang ekstrem…gambar yg last (grey color) nampak ok…

    2. LorenzooOOOoooOOO says:

      The last 1 pic !!!
      Look the aggresive one !!!

      Make me wonder want it one for weekend use.

      too lower saga make feel little bit bumpy~~~toin-toin-toin-toin-toin~~~

    3. chan says:

      For me,the blue one..
      coz i’ve that blue..haha
      z-concept design too extreme hwever very nice n smart..

    4. pedas says:

      ko org make up2 x gune.lbih baik ko cek kete ko org brake pump blakang slalu jem.tau2 brake pad dh abis!alamak mampui….

    5. bigboy says:

      saga blm needs more safety then modification

    6. Comment says:

      Agree with bigboy
      ABS + EBD + airbag kalau ada lagi bagus walau rege akan ber+. :-)

    7. nazri says:

      tgh tunggu bumper custom aku siap ni…

    8. chipotato says:

      Hrmmm.. the red one is nice..

    9. speed says:

      awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! z concept

    10. eriz says:

      yang biru tu jahat sket…

    11. shahrul says:

      u all service blm ni kat mana? service sendiri ke?
      jangan la tetak skirting labuh2.. bumper pun janga la jabuh2 sgt…
      tak boleh nai naik hoise …. pecah skirting tu nanti korang marah technician proton edar gak……
      plsssss…. body kid tu jgn la over sangat……

    12. shahrul says:

      saga 1.3…. nak jadikan 1.6?
      tukar piston, conecting rod, dan crank shaft…..
      jadi la 1.6…….. mudah je…….
      sylinder head and sylinder block sama

    13. zul says:

      design yg 1-3 nmpk cm biase jer..
      x mnarik lngsng…
      tp tg laen sume nmpk mnarik dan ade klainan..
      bru t’bliak sket mate.

    14. kcn 7272 says:

      sy nk share d different btween saga 1.3 ngan 1.6….br td test drive…mmg best…enjin smooth je…bdy n knob gear xggar lnsung..!mmg worth car la 4 who’s yg nk budget n nk wat long term car..actly sy da booking saga 1.3 tp after test drive i prefer a 1.6 saga…fc myb tnggi sket dr saga 1.3…..tp xde la mlampau2..it will depend on d way we drive..lg cntek klo kte tmbah abs ngan airbag 4 more safety..anyway proton finally do their best..ade sesape nk share opinion about saga 1.6..its my pleasure..nk jg dgr testi from other ppl who hve a lot of experience about this car better than me..lg cantek opinion from 1.6 saga owner….

    15. apa2 ajer says:

      saya pulak suka gambar no 5 dan gmbr last.. memang cun habis. mantap. brp kos nak buat?

    16. Lily says:

      Tnye sy?sy suka kreta sy sndri yg dh modified 2..:-)

    17. hadi says:

      kalaulah kete aku mcm transformers huhuhuhuh..

    18. Eder says:

      warna merah2 mmg mantop……….
      warna biru dh ala2 impreza…….

    19. Apisz says:

      ada sapa2 boleh recommend kat aku kedai untuk modify kereta proton saga flx kt area ipoh, perak…

    20. wan amir says:

      ade group whatsapp tak? masukkan nombor saye dlm tu boleh?

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