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    Modified Proton Saga BLM 2

    Amir’s Proton Saga BLM

    Today, we want to give you some information about about this modified Proton Saga BLM. The owner of this red Proton Saga BLM is Amir Asyraf Idris, from Terengganu. He is one of our own kereta.info (KDI) reader.

    Work in UMP, Kuantan and his passion for car had encourage him to modify his Proton Saga BLM. First time I saw his car, I already knew that his car is suitable for those who want to make a light modification on their Proton Saga. With striking red colour I’m sure that many people will stop and stare at this car. All of this modification cost him about RM3500.

    Looking at the front of this red Saga. Amir had painted the area around the grill with black colour that  make the car looks more fierce.He also had installed front skirt and also air scoop on his car hood.For the spoiler, Amir had choose a R3 spoiler, which is a good choice for him. Overall cost for the bodykit and painting was about RM1060.

    For the sports rim, Amir had installed white colour Advan RG1 16” rims wrapped in 205/45 Neuton tyres. All the sports rim and tyres cost him around RM2000 (original price RM2500). That is the price after he trade in with the original tyres and rims. By installing the new rims, his car look more aggresive and sporty and attractive than it previously were.But, for springs and absorbers, Amir still using the original one.White, red and black, a good combination of colours that can make a car looks fierce and aggressive. Maybe Amir can add another colour which is orange, perhaps?


    Modified Proton Saga BLM 5

    Amir’s Saga BLM without sticker.

    Like in the Fast and Furious film, looking from the side, you will see black and white sticker lining from the front to the back.You also can see a sticker write “High Performance Proton” at the centre between driver and passenger door. It shows that he really proud with our national car maker,Proton. Same with me, no matter how many people said the bad thing about Proton, I’m still support Proton.I hope that Proton can change to be a strong brand in automotive industry. He also had installed a nice side skirts on his car.This simple touches makes the car much more attractive.Amir spent around RM400 for this sticker.All of this modification he did in Kuantan.

    The engine of this Proton Saga BLM still the standard engine, which is Campro 1.3 IAFM. The Campro IAFM (Integrated Air-Fuel Module) is essentially a basic DOHC Campro engine equipped with a variable-length intake manifold. This engine keeps the Campro 1.3’s 94 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 120Nm of torque at 4,000rpm figures, with changes only to the way the power and torque is delivered instead of any change in the peak power and torque.

    I would like to congratulate Amir on succesfuly modified his Proton Saga BLM. Good job Amir!.Hope you can add another modification on your car.Maybe audio systems? So, for those who want to make some light modification on their Proton Saga BLM, you can take this idea as an example.

    For those who want to share their idea on how to modify Proton Saga BLM, you can post a comment below or contact me at my email [email protected] or [email protected]

    Modified Proton Saga BLM 4

    R3 Spoiler..Looks nice right?

    Modified Proton Saga BLM 1

     Proton Saga BLM, one of the best product by Proton!. The front of this car looks smart right?

    Modified Proton Saga BLM 3

     Red,white and black..combination of colour that make this car attractive!


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    52 Responses

    1. Litle_EviL says:

      can i ask something here ??
      izzit legal we modified our car in this country malaysia ??
      i heard that we cannot even put stickers on our cars…
      can somebody give me the correct n exact answer here ??

      since here is a website about “modify”
      i wan 2ask some serious question here…

      how 2″legalize” our car ??
      if i change the car engine…
      from 1.3 se corolla engine to 3.0 twin turbo toyota supra engine ??
      i got the plan to do this…

      i only wan serious n reasonable answers n response…

    2. azameel says:

      first of all there is some modification which can be legally done without the permision of jpj such as tinted, adding up stickers, spoilers, bodykit etc
      there is also some modifications which u need to get permission or better called endorsed by the JPJ such as adding up sunroof and engine change.
      any mods which acquire endorsement but you didnt endorse it is considered illegal, such as changing engine without endorsement
      and there is also illegal modification such as HID lights and and usually mod that affect the integrity or the structure of the car

      for your case, it is basically impossible since JPJ has a limit for engine change, if im not mistaken it is 20% or 25% cc increment
      which means the new engine can be only 20-25% larger in cc than the previous engine.
      so in ur case, usually people will only convert to a 1.6 engine such as the 4age vvti or 4agze supercharge

      to ‘legalize’ or endorse the modification, the car had to be brought to puspakom for inspection and then approved by JPJ,
      im not very sure on the details of the process. and certain fees will be applicable

      For more details on modification limitation, refer here

    3. Litle_EviL says:

      thx 4the information bro..
      appreciate it..

    4. Litle_EviL says:

      hey..if i put those neon under my car..
      izzit illegal ??

      how about those “kelip-kelip” light ??
      those bling-bling white light

    5. Niemans says:

      What Amir did only for external beauty. The air scoop sure fool ppl though..thinking it was supercharged. Definately you need a set of lowered down dampers for your ride to make it look more agressive.

      Possible modification and more money…
      – Lowered down hi-low soft-hard dampers
      – Ventilated cross drilled brake disk with entry level performance brake pads and a set of steel braided brake hose with some nice brake caliper cover such as Brembo, Spoon, etc.
      – SAFC Neo or any other piggy back ECU but make sure you dyno tune it
      -after market high flow air filter
      -lightened pully system
      -Voltage Stabilizer with earth cables (look nice with all the earth cable wiring)
      -Tuned length extractor minus the CAT with nice sounding rear muffler box
      – Color slicone hoses for the engine bay.
      – ICE system (if you are a sound nerd)
      – Racing Seat
      -A better racing tyre (of course this is not possible di)
      -A few nice looking meters
      -A better car security system-perhaps GPS tracking system in case it attract the wrong crowd?
      -Forget about those silly neon lighting stuff, strobe lighting, etc-it’ll make your car look cheap!
      -Forget about those luxury diamond stuff items-it don’t match!

      Remember all these modification doesn’t fetch extra RM once you decided to sell your car later and whatever you do.. a Saga is still a Saga. Also you may have to live with the fact that the car carries NO MORE warranty from Proton.

    6. apai says:

      hei azameel, you say spoiler is legal. how about gt wings? my friend got cought by jpj because he put gt wings in his wira aeroback. can u comment back

    7. azameel says:

      i only mention spoiler, not gt wing
      try to look in the link i provided above,
      im not so sure about gt wing, but few months back, there is an operation on all those big spoilers,
      they called it ” spoiler ampaian pakaian” (i couldnt find the link) i think this includes gt wing, and all those big spoiler
      maybe the legal spoiler is all those small and simple, not those very fancy one,
      however jpj is very subjective, if they want to fine you, they will,
      so the best way is to keep you car clean and simple with very minor mods
      and to be safe, ask the JPJ before you do something to your car

      all those light is illegal,

    8. alias mz.. says:

      smua dh cantik tp funtion scoop tu untuk ape ar???ade intercooler kt atas tu ke mcm subaru???atu have problem engine over heating??

    9. Niemans says:

      As mentioned earlier, to kelentong people. Maybe Amir will put in a supercharger later stage of upgrade?

    10. acap says:

      about the modification of car, you all can go to jpj website. there you can get all tips about the modification for your car. what i heard the stickers is noy illegal, but for the size of body kits only.

    11. amil says:

      mmg cun. nmpk garang plak ngan warna merah 2. aku plak xpkai kete lg.
      cadangnya nak ambk gak saga ni.
      mjr xbeli yg 1.3 . yg 1.6 ni mgkn lg ok kot…
      blh jgk la aku ikt idea amir ni.

    12. fordthrothle says:

      Menunjukkan betapa kaya nya rakyat malaysia……duit x habis wa cakap lu..huhu

    13. Joko says:

      Yang lain nampak memang okey , cuma stiker macam calar balar warna putih tu, mengganggu mata aku skit …
      Jalur jalur putih kat tengah2 kereta lagi cantik..cam bumble bee tu..


    15. amir says:


    16. Eder says:

      nk m’yampuk ckit…..
      saga 1.6 mmg tuk teksi…..
      terhad ckit….. kne tempah
      cume de jnis b-line je….
      colour de merah je….ssb mmg wt tuk teksi smate2…
      hrge 39000……

    17. iz says:

      sebab tu hari tu diorg buat limited edition..sebab yang utk teksi xlaku..so diorg open utk orang ramai..warna pun cuma warna merah je..xde warna lain..

    18. black evia says:

      aku pn teringin gak nk ltak sticker body cam gambo ats tue.. tp kna tnya pndapat kwn2 cam ner nk nmpk cute..
      ngan keta aku ye..

    19. shahrul says:

      jangan la melampau sangat nak touchup tu…. bagi i strike tu tak payah letak lagi smart…
      satu lagi lubang hidung atas hood tu tak payah….. nanti org kata poyo takda turbo pun nak buat mcm ada turbo….
      tu je la bro.. lain2 tu ok la smart….. cuma pendapat i je bro………

    20. embey says:

      1 pkare yg pleng aku xse ngan saga blm nie adlh bumbung dye,
      tinggi sngt..
      nmpk klakar..

    21. wan says:

      xsmat lngsng saga blm nie.
      bumbung tinggi,pas2 ruang tyar kecik..
      nmpk huduh..
      tp rim advan RG cap ayam 2 ley than r…
      stripe 2 klu xltak lg smat…

    22. Joko says:

      Hah! patut lah Black suka kat BLM ni, sebab jambol dia tak tersangkut kat atap … ha haha

    23. Lily says:

      Mne pemilik kereta ni?lm dh die x borak dlm
      Nama die amir,aku ingat lg..:-)

    24. black evia says:

      ye jgk kn?..aku pn bru perasan ada lubang idung..
      aku xder buat strike..saje je tnya..;-)

      la..xkn otai bru tau kot..cozz..
      msa mula2 dlu aku nengok keta nie.. tue yg aku try dlu.
      lpas ke x jmbula ku nih!..

      dia buzyy bangattt kot tue sbb xdpt join kita kt sini..

      apapn aku nk gak knal amir..
      amir mana ko?..
      my name is evia.. long name black evia..;-)

    25. Lily says:

      amir ni bdk blah timur,tp yg aku tau die krja dkt slh 1 ipt dkt Kuantan,slh sorg group Prosboc kuantan ini yg aku ingat la..utk pengetahuan ko black..sblum ko,joko masuk aku rpt n die gak.Pastu thah kemane hilang die..kne sorok n bunian kot.Haha..

    26. iz says:

      Tula..aritu ade gak email2 die…Amir..mane ko? huhu..meh la jenguk2 kete ko kat sini..membe pun da makin ramai..boleh ko join kitorg skali…hehe..
      Amir..ajak membe UMP ko join sini skali..
      Amir..mane ko??

    27. kdi says:

      korang ni.. jgn panggil2 die camtu.. nanti die datang bawak taring ngn lubang hidung die nanti baru korang tau.. hu2.. die bz la tu…

    28. amir says:

      salam sume…
      sory lama x buke forum ni…
      gambar yang korng tgk tu yang lama dah..
      aku dah upgrade dah sikit kete aku..
      hanya iz dan member2 prosboc phg je yang biasa tgk…
      saya ada..tak kene sorok di bunian lagi..hehehe..
      bz kiie sikit…
      lama x chat dengan lily kn..
      sht x..
      hai.. sory la lama tak join…
      bz sgt…
      nak kenal tak de hal…
      aku tak kisah la ape org nk kata sal kete aku pun, janji mata aku sedap memandang….
      ikt la sape2 pun yang x puas hati, asalkan kite puas hati pe yang kite buat dah la…
      tul x lily, evia, iz n kdi…

    29. Lily says:

      Huh ada lg?mcm ne dlm alm bunian?cun2 x awek die?haha..
      Tau xpe,dh lm giler x borak.tgk,dh rmai mbr br tp ly stil ingat lg mbr lm tau!
      Ly pun dh mod kreta ly tau,x cye tnye iz n fmily lain yg dh jmpe.Tp mod simple2 aje..kreta gir xnk over sgt,tkut kne kutuk.Wawawa…

    30. amir says:

      awek bunian.. perhh, cun giler…hehehe
      ketua kg die pun smart giler..siap pakai blm lg..hehehe
      lily ada join prosboc jgk ke…
      dah ada mod jugak erk…
      ari tu ambik warna pe erk..
      pasal org nak kutuk tu, buat tak tahu je..
      cam org kata la… biar la org nak kutuk pun, asalkan kite puas hati dengan kete kite..
      kete kite harta kite tu..bukannye harta org lain..
      tul tak lily…

    31. Lily says:

      Fuyoo..semart tok ketua kg pkai blm,siap mod gak ke?Haha..
      Btul2,itu hrta kita.Eh,hrta kita ke?bkn hrta amir,amir la.Hrta ly,hrta ly la.Atau hrta ly,ly punya n hrta amir pun ly punyer.Huawawa..
      ly dh mod luaran sume kecuali spotrim x tuka lg,e2 nti2 la..
      x join pun prosboc n mne2 club cume aktf dlm KDI ni..kira club ar jgk kn?Hehe..
      Ly ambk grey ar..Thah ble ly nk tngkap pic blm ly utk post cni xtau ar,lps rya kot.
      Slmt b’puasa..:-)

    32. amir says:

      selamat bepuasa jugak untu lily…
      jjgn ponteng pose ( kecuali terpaksa ) hehehe..
      untuk sume member jugak selamat berpuasa….

    33. iz says:

      Amir…selamat berpuasa gak..hehe (^_^)

    34. kekitaan says:

      weh… sesapa yg dah pakai saga 10 k ke atas leh komen tak pasal maintenance./ service.. sbb ni ada org komen pasal SC minta Rm 1.6 k masa dia pi servive 10 k . sini http://www.motortrader.com.my/asp/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=32911

    35. E.J says:

      amir..g beli kuih bukak pose ke kat gmbg ptg td..?????

    36. Lily says:

      Weh,korang yg duk ktn.Guane rupa ktn lps 2006 ek?Lm giler aku x g sne..Dlu suka g bazar dkt msjd ktn.Ade lg ker?

    37. amir says:

      kantoi dgn E.J smlm kat bazar ramadhan kat gambang…hehe
      pe cite skrg…ada port br ke nak TT..
      ke bln pose ni cuti dulu..
      bazar tu memang ada lg..
      makin meriah la..
      ktn sekarang penuh dengan kete BLM je hehe..
      lebih2 lagi kete iz..
      dengan die punye exzos memang dah bleh agak dah…

    38. farah arina says:

      eh yeke en amir pki Advan RG1 16”??? nmpk mcm pki barang taiwan Advance RG1….ade tambahan “ce” kt blakang Advan tu hehe

    39. amir says:

      jgn ckp kuat2 nanti ada org dengar…hehehe
      takpe la taiwan pun… janji boleh pusing amir punye tayar tu cukup la..hehehe
      nak pakai yg ori mahal sgt la farah..
      yng ni dah rm 2500..
      duit hbs buat kat body luor je..

    40. black evia says:

      tul tue amir..
      klu nk pkai mhal2 duit pn mhal gak..
      ok arr tue.. xder la buruk rupe bLm ko..
      aku nengok lawo dah tue.
      asal hati kita puas..xgitu amir?..

    41. Lily says:

      Aku stuju!Jgn duk perabis byk sgt duit utk kreta.Melain la korang ank dato’.E2 t’pulanglah..
      Kalo dh kira m’bazir sehingga riak dan takbur pulak jtuh dh b’dosa..

      mmg semart plat ko,ko bli ke dlu?

    42. amir says:

      aku stuju pe yang lily kata tu…
      plat tu aku tempat..
      kire mcm no plat keluarga la..
      kete ayah pun no tu gak..
      moto mak pakai pun tempah no tu gak..

      betul kata ko..
      asalkan kite puas hati dah la..
      kalu nk ikut kn hati orng lain, sapa hbs juta2 pun belum tentu lawa lg..

    43. black evia says:

      ko mmg dok ghanu ke?..kt ner?..
      klu dkt2 sini meh arr join kita orng..

    44. black evia says:

      ha.. aku nk tnya la.. rim dlm gmbar tue ko pkai rim 15′ ke?..
      tyar dia?..size..

    45. amir says:

      aku memang asal trg..
      aku dudk kg pasir tinggi.. dekat dengan bukit payung..
      tapi aku kije kat kuantan..
      aku pakai rim 16” tu..
      tayar aku tak ingat la saiz berape…

    46. black evia says:

      ptut arr.. aku tgok bsar smcm je.. tue sbb aku tnya.
      lg 1 ko pkai 16′ xbrt ke?.. mnyak cam ner?.. msih jmat lg x?..

    47. Lily says:

      aku frust gak time nk bli plat dkt blm aku dlu.Nk ambk 5454 tp dh ade org ambk.Nk tggu huruf seterusnya lmbt.Redha jela dpt no.plat skang.Tp ok la jgk,tersusun rapi.haha..

      aku tringin msuk spotrim ory.Ingt nk cr kt kdai halfcut.Tp bkn skang la tuka.Bg spotrim standart ni buruk dlu.Hehe..

    48. amir says:

      setakat ni aku gune tak dok masalah pe pun..
      minyak pun ok lg la..
      aku ambik pun yang tak berat sgt..
      aku try timbng dgn yang standart baru ni lebih kurang sama je..

      pasal brg half cut ni aku kurang tahu sgt…
      sport rim ori memang la ok, tapi kene rajin cari kat kedai la..
      takut yang ada tu problem kot..
      takut rim pecah la, bengkok la..

    49. Norman says:

      Amir lu punya minyak ok tak?Gua pakai rim 15 tayar 195/50,average dlm 6.5L/100KM.Ingat nak pakai fully synthetic lepas ni.NGK silicon spark plug cable ok tak?

    50. Abby says:

      Nak tya meta tu Lakai warna kod apa yer merah menarik

    51. Abby says:

      Nak tya keta tu pakai warna kod apa yer merah menarik

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