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  • Mitsubishi Galant Fortis RALLIART

    Mitsubishi Galant Fortis RALLIART


    Tokyo — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces the addition of the premium sporty 4WD RALLIART trim level to the Galant Fortis sedan series. The new model raises the driving pleasure bar while retaining all the utility and comfort qualities of the base model.

    Galant fwd stop

    The exterior of the car is almost similar to the Mitsubishi Lancer Gt which is available in our local market.However there is RALLIART stickers,enblems and signature averywhere across the car.This is the Ralliart version of the Mitsubishi Galant Fortis. Dont be fool if you can also see the ralliart sticker on the Proton Wira Rally Style.It is not the ralliart version of wira but in the Galant case,it is the real deal.

    galant front

    To show how serious Ralliart are,theyve made the front hood from lighweight aluminium panel with an air scoop to feed the turbocharger and twin air outlets to discharge heat from the engine compartment.The cooling is also improvised by the size of the shark fang style grill.The rear bumper accommodates twin tail pipes is aerodynamically engineered to enhance the control of the airflow hence giving better stability especially at high speed.

    Interior Dashboard

    The interior uses an elegant deep black color scheme while the dashboard features an ornamentation panel comprising a geometric check pattern and silver pin beading that adds a mechanical taste and gives the cockpit a sporty, high-quality appearance.With a 260Kmh speedo and a 9000rpm on the cluster,it shows how serious they are.The steering wheel and shifter knob are wrapped in luxurious genuine leather.

    Galant Meter

    Producing a hefty [email protected] and 253 lb-ft. @ 3000 rpm,this car is able to sprint from nor to sixty in approximately 5.3seconds.The power is supplied by an intercooler-turbocharged 4B11-type 2.0-liter 16-valve DOHC MIVEC high-performance engine. With the focus on low- to mid-range torque, the engine uses a single-scroll turbocharger.Even with the all the performance,the fuel consumption is just 10.2 km/l.


    To transfer the power to the road,the Galant uses a Twin Clutch SST 6 Speed Automated Manual(Sport Shift Transmission) which gives both the advantage of fuel efficiency of a manual transmission and the convenience and comfort of an automatic transmission.The driver has the choice of two automated shifting modes: NORMAL for maximum fuel economy and comfort in everyday driving; and SPORT with shift characteristics best suited to sportier performance.

    air scoop

    The Ralliart Galant Fortis uses full-time 4WD system comprising a front helical limited slip differential, an Active Center Differential and a mechanical rear LSD.The system is controlled by Mitsubishi`s vehicle dynamics control systemThe driver can select between three ACD modes: TARMAC for dry paved surfaces; GRAVEL for wet tarmac or loose unmade surfaces; and SNOW for snow-covered surfaces.

    Rear Ralliart

    Galant Fortis RALLIART uses Mitsubishi’s RISE high-rigidity safety body that gives enhanced multi-directional crashworthiness in frontal, rear and side collisions. The front bumper, engine hood, fenders and cowl are designed for enhanced pedestrian protection.It uses 16-inch 2-pot caliper ventilated disc brakes at the front combined with a 18-inch 7JJ alloy wheels fitted with 215/45R 18 89W tires.


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