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  • Malaysia Petrol, Diesel Prices Down 10 Sen A Litre On 3 DEC 2008

    Malaysia Petrol, Diesel Prices Down 10 Sen A Litre on 3 DEC 2008

    Petrol, Diesel Prices Down 10 Sen A Litre From Tomorrow

    Yes, another petrol price reduction by our government and this time, the price is lower than the lowest price before. Which is RM1.90 for petrol and RM1.80 for diesel and RON92. This is a very good news to us as we can balik kampung during raya haji with lesser fuel costs.

    Below is the news from bernama:

    The pump price of petrol and diesel has been lowered by 10 sen a litre from Wednesday, the sixth downward revision in fuel prices since August. The last revision was on Nov 18.

    In announcing the reduction Tuesday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the government decided to speed up the lower retail price of petrol and diesel to enable the people to enjoy cheaper fuel prices following the sharp drop in global oil prices.

    The RON97 petrol will be sold at RM1.90 a litre from RM2 while RON92 at RM1.80 a litre from RM1.90, he said in a statement today.

    Diesel will be retailed at RM1.80 from RM1.90 a litre currently.

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