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    First of all I want to Thanks to Apiss, Wan and Wak Andi for the invitation to the First ever EP Motor Club (EPMC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Convoy to Pasir Salak. The 3 days event was held at Pasir Salak, Perak.The main purpose of the event was to have the first EPMC meeting as an Official Registered club.In conjuction with that, they also had a numerous number of activities including family day,track day and barbecue session.
    The only activity that I join was the track day event which is held on the second day of the Convoy, on the 27th of March at the Kampung Gajah Track. They had rented the track the whole day filling the whole track with colourfuls array of EP’s.
    From morning till afternoon, they had organized a drag event. The drag was divided into two category, Standard Modified and Open category.Winner of the Open Category drag was Wakjoi with his Maroon coloured EP71.At around 1.30PM, the track was closed while all the EPMC members had their rest and lunch.
    The special category drag featuring Evo3 and Volvo T5
    Members Teasing Each Others
    Having Some Fun On the Track
    Around 2.30 pm the track is once again filled with three generations of Toyota Starlet. They had a free run session around the track before the time atack session starts.Right about 3.30pm participant for the Time attack register their name for the event and a while later, the time attack session begins.
    The participant is given 5 laps to show their skills and their machine’s potential.Among the 5 laps, the best time will be taken to determine the winner.
    Taking the Winner’s title was Pokdeng with his Yellow Coloured 4 door EP82. Gotta love the combination of yellow and red.
    After the time attack session had ended, they had a free run to fill in the extra time they had.Then  there was the photography event and a final convoy around the track.
    At around 6.30, all the members return to their challet to have a rest and prepare for that night. This is when I separated from the group.As for that night, they had the Barbecue session and prize giving ceremony.
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