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    DRB-HICOM is now looking for partners to develop the automotive cluster project in Saudi Arabia.Read the full news from Btimes below.



    CONGLOMERATE DRB-HICOM Bhd is seeking partners to develop its integrated automotive cluster project in the Jazan Economic City in the Jizan Province of Saudi Arabia.

    Its group managing director Datuk Mohd Khamil Jamil said towards this end, the company would cooperate with potential partners in both manufacturing and assembly activities.

    “We are looking for suitable partners who can work together with us to develop the auto cluster in Jazan,” Mohd Khamil told Bernama recently.

    Last year, DRB HICOM signed an agreement with the Jazan Economic City Land Limited (JEC), the Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) and GIIG International Holding Company Ltd (GIIG), to explore business prospects in respect of establishing the integrated automotive cluster project.
    The Jazan Economic City encompasses 113 sq km and is located along the Red Sea, 60km north-west of Jizan City.

    The economic city focuses on heavy industries, secondary industries, human capital and lifestyle.

    Various industries such as a power plant, port, aluminium smelter and steel cluster have also been identified in the approved master plan for the economic city.

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    1. apa2 ajer says:


      ni projek tauke yang sama.. pemaju Jazan Economic City adalah MMC – Saudi Bin Laden Group.. MMC shareholder terbesar adalah Syed Mokhtar dan DRB Hicom pun Syed Mokhtar.. Jazan Economic City salah satu projek mega Arab Saudi, projek inisiatif swasta x silap aku nilainya lebih RM 100 BILION..

      OK gud luck 4 DRB Hicom bawah pimpinan Syed Mokhtar.. majukan elok2 integrated automotive cluster project di Jazan Ecomy City.. buktikan kita boleh pada Arab Saudi selepas kerajaan nya bg kita peluang mega ni… dan DRB Hicom tak nak ke produce kereta? ari2 masa fight ngan nasimudian masa nak beli DRB Hicom dgr mcm2 plannning.. tp dah menyepi

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