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    There is more and more electric car on the road today. This gives a chance for China to star mass producing lithium batteries for their own electric car.Read the full story from Bernama below.



    BEIJING, — Chinese battery and electric automaker BYD Co. has set up a plant to mass produce lithium batteries for its electric cars in Huizhou, south China’s Guangdong Province, according to the China Securities Journal.

    BYD, partly owned by Warren Buffet, has injected around five billion yuan (about US$731.5 million) into the operation of the Huizhou plant, which produces rechargeable batteries, automobile parts and handset components, Xinhua news agency reported.

    Facilities for the production of batteries for the company’s electric cars are almost ready now, since construction began in September last year, the newspaper said.

    The Shenzhen-based company’s F3DM, China’s first plug-in hybrid, made its debut last December.

    Huizhou plant, the first eligible for mass production of lithium-ion batteries that are core technologies of BYD’s electric cars, is seen as a key step in the company’s electric car manufacturing.

    The Wall Street Journal said Saturday that the company is aiming to sell its all-electric battery car in the U.S. next year, ahead of the original schedule, citing company Chairman Wang Chuanfu in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, during an interview at a BYD factory there.

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    2 Responses

    1. Clever Chinese taking advantage of the new highly potential market stuff such as batteries for electric car.

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      China memang sedang bergerak kehadapan sekarang.. hamba yakin China akan menyamai Korea pada 2010 dalam dunia automatif, menyamai Jepun pada 2012 sekaligus mengatasi Korea, dan menjelang 2015 hamba confident China akan di depan Jepun dan Korea dan menjadi pengeluar kenderaaan no1 dunia

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