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    We can see clutches almost everywhere around us. The most noticeable use of the clutch is in our car be it an automatic or a manual transmission.For those who are driving a manual car, pressing the clutch can be agonizing in a long traffic jam.But does anyone know how car clutches works?

    Aftermarket Sport Clutch Assembly



    Clutches oftenly being used in devices which consist of two rotating parts. Usually one of the shaft will be driven by  an engine or motor while the other shaft will drive something else.In our car, the two shaft is actually the flywheel from the engine and the gearbox.

    We need the clutch because the engine is running continously while the wheels does not.So we need a mean of disconnecting the engine from the wheels which is by using the clutch.


    Clutch Exploded View



    A clutch function is simillar to our car disc brake.The clutch plate is can be compared to the disc brake while the  pressure plate is the caliper.Except the clutch works the other way around which is in lock/engage in normal driving and disengage/release whenever the cluth pedal is depressed.


    Clutch Plate



    The three main component of a clutch is the clutch plate,pressure plate and the clutch housing.The clutch assembly is  attached to the gearbox and then mated with the engine flywheel.


    Pressure Plate


    In a normal driving condition, the clutch plate will be pushed firmly towards the flywheel by the pressure plate. Due to the friction of the clutch plate, the flywheel will rotate the clutch assembly. This in turn will rotate the  gearbox and then power will be transferred to the wheels.

    When the clutch pedal is depressed, a cable/hydraulic piston will pull the release fork. The release fork will push a  spring diaphragm.As the diaphragm is being pushed, the spring will pull the pressure plate. This release the clutch from the  spinning engine.


    Clutch Operation

    In short, the clutch will be pushed firmly towards the flywheel by the pressure plate(engine connected to the gearbox ) during a normal cruise. And the clutch will be pulled away from the flywheel (engine disconnected from the gearbox) whever
    the clutch pedal is being depressed.

    Clutch slips is a phenomenon where the clutch could’nt grip onto the flywheels anymore.Your car engine’s rpm will increase rapidly (simillar when revving in neutral) but the car didn’t go any faster. Clutch slips is caused by two reasons whether  your clutch plate had already worn out and need replacement or your current clutch plate cant handle the power of your car’s engine which in this case you’ll need to upgrade your clutch to a more heavy duty one or a sport clutch.

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    1. eila says:

      Pertanyaan tentang myvi se 1.5 yg menggunakan clutch hydraulik.?blh adjust x dari clutch tinggi ke rendah?.mengikut keselesaan kita sbgai pemandu.?kalo blh …ad effect x.?..bantulah sy…sy x mahir dlm bidang nie..ad pendapt menyatakn boleh dan ad yg kta tidak..mana satu yg betul.?

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