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    BMW X3 Xdrive18d front2

    BMW had announced their latest addition of the X3 family, the X3 xdrive 18d. The 18d reflects a car which uses a 1.8 liter engine but in fact, it is actually a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine.The turbocharged 2.0 liter engine deliver 143 bhp of power at 4,000rpm and 350Nm of torque at 1,750rpm. The car may not be that powerful but it excel in the fuel efficiency.

    BMW X3 Xdrive18d front 3

    BMW claims the xDrive will consume only 6.2 liter of diesel for a 100 km drives which is equivalent to 45.6 mpg.As a result, a full tank of gas will give a range up to 700km.

    BMW X3 Xdrive18d Side

    Eventhough the fuel consumption is ultra low, the performance of the SUV is not bad at all.A sprint to 100km/h from a stand still will take 10.3 seconds and the speed will stop increasing at at top speed of 192km/h.

    BMW X3 Xdrive18d rear

    The BMW X3 was a hit when it initially arrived in the market on 2003, selling more than 500,000 units.It was for a long time the only premium SUV in its class of cars. BMW still sells more AWD vehicles in the premium segment than any other player. The X3 plays a major role in that.

    BMW X3 Xdrive18d logo

    Future owner of the X3 can opt for a petrol or diesel engine. From a 143bhp petrol engine up to the 286bhp twin turbo diesel xDrive35d.

    BMW X3 Xdrive18d tow

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