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    What comes in mind when someone mention Ferrari. Without even having time to think, u can already heard a sound of an F1 car running through your head. What else describe Ferrari the best if not a successful F1 team.


    To prove it right, just look at some of Ferrari model such as the Enzo and the Scuderia F430. It is nothing but pieces and bits of F1 car assembled together to become a road car. Added with the magnificent Ferrari styling, you’ll feel like you are a 10 years old again .

    ferrari zobin

    Same goes to this concept Ferrari Zobin. Even without the prancing horse symbol, anyone would have guess it’s a Ferrari. Everything is just derived from the Formula 1 car. Just look at it and you will know.


    This masterpiece is designed by an Iranian Engineer Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi as a single seater with a compact dimension (4,114mm long and 1,855 mm wide).But the engine to be fitted can be as many cylinder and as many horsepower you could think of.

    concept car

    Looking at the front end, youll quickly notice it as almost the same as the Ferrari Enzo.But one thing worth mentioning is the fender.It is made from a piece of metal band swoop around the car to create the car fender and the front spoiler. It also act as a mounting point for the car futuristic looks headlight.

    Looking from the back,you’ll notice the huge diffuser to make sure the car sticks to the ground at high speed. And those huge air grill to release off all the heat from the engine shows that the car is no longer a 10 year’s old toys.

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