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    Aston Martin Gauntlet build upon the basic design done by Ugur Sahin Design to update Aston’s lineup with a study design. The intent was to design a car which is technically almost identical to the existing production Aston Martins while defining a design character that outmost respects the impressive history of the brand and combine the timeless lines of the past Aston Martins with the modern interpretation of the existing styling.

    Ugur Sahin note design with the design of nuance to be too retro or futuristic, the look comes off as clean and really appealing to the eye. Key features include Those sexy, organic headlights, a new take on Aston’s wide-mouth grill and claimed to be cribbed from the DB3S

    Some design changes and realized in this car is brake-heat extractor vents, lines flowing into the tail spoiler, mirrors emulating the sharp shape of the window surrounds, rear windscreen that’s been molded to flow with the roof’s lines and creased line down the side which makes the car look like it’s wearing an opera mask.


    By now, most people have heard of the Chevrolet Volt, General Motors’ innovative new car that runs on gasoline or battery power. GM plans to launch the Volt as a 2011 model.

    Though many people think of the Chevy Volt as a plug-in hybrid, GM refers to it as an extended-range electric vehicle. What’s the difference? Unlike typical hybrids, the Volt’s gasoline engine doesn’t connect directly to the wheels, an electric motor and a battery do all the work. The 1.4 liter gasoline engine is there to keep the battery juiced up when there’s no electric outlet handy.

    The Volt has a 40-mile battery range; since the average American drives 33 miles a day, most Volt owners will do the bulk of their driving on battery power. The presence of the gas engine means the Volt isn’t tethered to its extension cord.

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