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    The KIA Picanto is not a very famous car in Malaysia. But then, there still will be a fan of this car. It does look kind a cute for a compact car. But challenged faced by the Picanto by our local compact car,the  Perodua Kelisa, Viva and Kancil is just to great.And for your information, the current Picanto is marketed in Malaysia as the Naza Suria.


    Kia Picanto has been Kia’s best selling model for the second straight year in Korea. For the 2010 model year, Kia Picanto received a batch of mid-cycle upgrades including some radical exterior and interior styling revisions along with technical upgrades such as improved engines and new transmission.


    On the outside, the new Picanto receives a new high-gloss black rear garnish, redesigned 15-inch “Black Luxury” sport rims, larger side mirrors with turn signals, and high-gloss black side sills. A new Lime color is added for 2010.


    Inside, the facelifted Picanto gets a sportier, four-spoke steering wheel, updated door trim, updated upholstery materials and redesigned gauges, while interior also benefits from new options such as folding type remote key and rear view camera, connected to small LCD display, placed inside the rear-view mirror. Every Picanto has also been equipped with the so-called Eco Assist system that guides the driver to drive in the most economical way.


    Other than all the cosmetic upgrades, the Picanto had an engine treatment as well. The hood is now filled with an updated 1.0L four-cyl. engine that packs 72 horsepower.While this engine churns out 8 hp more than pre-updated unit, it still manages to achieve 5% better fuel consumption ratings (20km/L). For the Korean market there is another option of engine, which is a 67-horsepower LPI engine that runs on liquefied petroleum gas.


    The 2010 Kia Picanto had been sold in the South Korean Market with prices ranging from 7.06 million Won (RM19,800) to 9.77 million Won (Rm27,200) for gasoline engine powered model. Anf the LPI version price starts from 8.85 million Won (RM24.680) and tops at 10.3 million Won (RM28,860). And of course the price is before any import duties and taxes. But will Naza market it as a 2010 Naza Suria. We are not sure yet.


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