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    2010 FERRARI 599 GTO

    Ferrari 599 GTO is available to only 599 potential owners. With a top speed of over 208 mph, this is Ferrari’s fastest road car ever made. Chassis development took an innovative approach. Combining a highly responsive handling setup and high-tech electronic controls resulted to a bare presence of under steer and an extremely communicative chassis. The Ferrari 599 GTO is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes and Michelin Supersport tires for better road handling.

    The exterior of the car is painted in the shade of red Ferrari is known for. The body has been aerodynamically designed to achieve high speeds. The front spoiler has a lower wing that heightens down force and increases the amount of cooling air. The under-body has a new diffuser before the front wheels to help increase down force.


    Tuner extraordinaire 9ff offers turbo kits for the new Panamera Turbo. For the first time, the company is also offering a body kit to emphasize the additional power. The kit includes a new front bumper to optimize air flow. There is also a new front lip for better stability at top speeds.

    There are three packages available for this car. The PT-55 includes ECU upgrades, 9ff sport air filters, and it reaches a peak of 550 hp. The PT-60 includes an upgraded 9ff sport exhaust system which counts for better performance. It produces 600 hp. The PT-65 includes 9ff sport air filters, illuminated door sill protectors, new 9ff PT-65 turbochargers and an engine bonnet with air vents to reduce the heat in the engine compartment.

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