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    Every year, there will be a Festival of Speed in The United Kingdom namely the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And the main highlight for this year FoS is the celebration of Audi 100th birthday. To commemorate the anniversary, Lord March, who hosts the festival at his back-yard 12,000-acre West Sussex estate, commissioned the creation of massive sculpture that features two cars from Audi’s history, the iconic 1937 Auto Union streamliner and the newly launched R8 V10 sports car suspended in the air, at either end to represent Audi’s 100-year history


    The monument was designed by Gerry Judah which weighs 40 tonnes and 35m tall. It takes two 100 tonne crane and a total of four weeks to raise the monument.The design looks simple but actually it was a very complex design because the structure has to be rigid and completely balanced without the need for hundreds of supporting props.

    Other than the Audi monument, they were a number of other monuments by different manufacturer which was built on the pass years. Enjoy the photos that i collect on the net.


    Last year Land Rover display


    This monument was built by Toyota back in 2007 to celebrate their achievements in Motorsports.


    The celebration of the success of the Ford GT40 in 2003.


    Display of a mixture of iconic Jaguar road and race cars in 2000.


    The Audi R8 V10 sports car on the Monument. See you next year

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    1. black evia says:

      tu..tg d gantung2 tu,keta btul ke @ mainan?..

    2. These are some really cool sculptures. I’ve always wanted to go to the festival and looking at these pictures just makes me want to go even more! I wonder when Infiniti will get their sculpture. I know that they premiered the Essence at the festival for the 20th year anniversary and that car is sweet!

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