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(Brothers car stuff shop Kelana Jaya)

Here we are going to discuss about some of your favourites and famous car parts/ accessories shop. We lists down 3 of among famous car accessories workshop : Brothers, Kakimotor and Eneos.

(Variety car parts at brothers)

We have visited 3 of this car parts shop and found that each of them have their own speciality. Generally, Brothers car accessories and parts shop have the lowest price for any car parts in Malaysia. Eneos have more unique item but not many item are in their stores. And kakimotor speciality is on their online stores. Their online catalog  lists down all parts completely on their website. But the item is a bit expensive compare to the other shop.


The car accessories shops is knowned as the automotive aftermarket shop, is the part of the automotive industry concerned with the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories for light and heavy vehicles. The aftermarket helps keep vehicles on the road by providing consumers the choice to where they want their vehicles serviced, maintained or customized.

(Cheap bucket seat at eneos)

The aftermarket encompasses parts for replacement, collision, appearance and performance. The aftermarket provides a wide variety of parts of varying qualities and prices for nearly all vehicle makes and models on the road.

Consumers have the option of repairing their vehicles themselves (known as the do-it-yourself segment) or can take the vehicle to a professional repair facility (known as the do-it-for me segment). But many of car owner now prefer to “do it yourself” and visit this aftermarket shop to customize or replace their car parts by their own.

At Brothers, there are several section including audio system, car body kits for many car models, interior kits, maintenance items, performance items and many more. The biggest branch and main Branch is at Kelana Jaya Near Giant Shopping Complex. Or the other branch is at Batu Caves also near Giant Shopping Mall.

(quality and affordable cheap sport rims at eneos)

If you want to go to eneos, there are two places recommended which is at Jaya Jusco Kepong and One Utama Shopping Mall. For kakimotor, just go to their online shop or visit their shop at Bandar Sunway near Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Megamall.

Overall, we vote for brothers for their variety and lowest price. How a about you? I know, if you find some place outside KL, there are a lot of car accessories shop that sell car parts and accessories much more cheaper than brothers. So here we are going to share some shop that not many of us know that sell all the car items with cheaper price. For example, a car shop in kuantan named Federal Motorsport. They sell car parts twice as cheaper compare to market price. You can get a skirting or body kits as low as RM20! Compare the price in Brothers is RM 50. Lets help others in finding more cheap accessories for cars in Malaysia!


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7 Responses

  1. Alex Phoon says:

    some comment here. If you all are comparing the prices then I’m agreed Brother will be lowest.
    but, if compare the quality of course I’ll still choose Kakimotor. Understand that is good to provide info where to buy cheap products but should compare the quality as well. Lets say sideskirt, you can get much more cheaper in fiber materials but not PU or PP material. Why? is quality and reliablity.. fiber will crack once got hit something but not with PU. You may dun wish after you fix and painted completed the sideskirt but later get crack easliy right? that will be additional cost for you… think twice!!
    before buy the cheap Sport seat, do you ever think about safety? have these all china seat go thru any safety testing? I do prefer to have some quality seat like zerone, recaro, sscus or sparco. Even the price maybe higher but this all is quality.. if your dun mind the seat being tear during accident, then go ahead.
    Conclusion, quality and safety first!!

  2. siddharth says:

    i need to know your address because my friends are coming over ther to buy some parts for honda ….

  3. Niemans says:

    Each of them cater for different market segment and car owners needs. It have their own advantages or disadvantages, otherwise how can they survived for so long in the market place?

    There is a chinese saying ‘yat farn chin yat farn for’ which translate to as the amount you pay determines the quality of a particular goods or services. This is true especially for performance related aftermarket auto parts. For serious performance junkies they won’t go to Brothers outlets. Reason being they do not have the expertise for serious tune-up.

    The main thing is if you decided to buy anything-just shop around carefully. Even between Brothers outlet there is price differentiation between many accessories items.

  4. Mohamad Abak says:

    Do you know where I can purchase the sports (front) grille for Mercedes Benz C200 K 2006 ?

  5. Mohamad Abak says:

    Can some one tell me I can buy the sports grille of Mercedes C 200 K ( W 203 )

  6. David Porter says:


    I am looking for cheap bucket seats for a Mitsubishi Colt GLX 1.3 Petrol. What would you recommend? Do you deliver to Ireland?

    Email Back a.s.a.p

    Kind Regards,


  7. zack says:

    Nak tnya di mana kedai nye…
    Saya ada berminat seat bucket..

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