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    I’m sure that everyone has their own favourite/dream car. No matter what job they have, whether they are poor or rich, a school boy, university student, engineer, teacher, salesman or manager, all of them will have their own favourite/dream car.

    There are a lot of cars that you can choose as your dream car whether a vintage car, a sportscar, luxury car or SUV. There are so many choice and every one has different taste. That is why this world is so amazing!

    What is your favourite/dream car? It’s a very very tough decision right? For me, my dream car would be definitely be a Mitsubishi lancer EVO 10. White Pearl with 2 black racing stripes and white color sportsrim. Maybe it can be a reality in two or three years time?

    Below are some words or opinion from our KDI reader:

    Mr Emran Noor, 32, CEO from Rawang,Selangor.

    I really enjoy concept cars, the idea of you can design practically anything onto a car. Other cars I like is hatchbacks with outrageous power outputs, and the typical supercars from Ferrari and Lamborghini. But that is only my dream car. My car right now is a Proton Waja and I’ll change it with Proton Exora.

    Proton Exora Prime

    White Pearl Proton Exora Prime

    Ms Intan Surfina, 24, Univ Student from Kampar Perak.

    As a girl, that does not mean I don’t think about my dream car once in a while. My dream car? Oh that’s easy. I want a pinky Fiat 500. It is so cute! I’ve a Perodua Viva which I bought using my own money with my part time job. Absolutely google adsense!.My boyfriend’s also help me to maintain my website.


    Fiat 500 Barbie Edition

    Raja Nor Azliana, 41, Manager from Pekan, Pahang

    I love the Renault Twingos. Some people love it and some hate it but I think they’re cute. I’m also a fan of the Ford Ka and the Smart Car.I have a thing for small cars and I’m proud of it. I hope that Ford will bring Ford Ka into Malaysia as soon as possible.

    Ford Ka

    Ford Ka

    Albert James, 50, Fisherman from Sabah

    I love vintage cars because they are amazing! Maybe you can read any of Clive Cussler’s adventure novels, EC. ? He has a different vintage car in every one, and the author usually owns whichever one is featured in the book.

    Vintage Car 1941 Dodge Classic

    Vintage Car 1941 Dodge Classic

    Alif Muzaini, 22, Trainee Engineer from Penang.

    My dream car would be definitely be a Toyota Celica. It is so awesome!

    Toyota Celica

    Toyota Celica

    You also can give your comment below. Tell us and other readers about your favourite/dream car. It’ll be interesting!!

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    11 Responses

    1. Niemans says:

      1.For wishful thinking- a chauffer driven Brabus Maybach 57 will do for me. All the time we’re the slave at the wheels; seated snugly behind with a driver is a welcome change.

      2.For brand, excitement, exhilarating and spirited drive I’ll opt anytime for Porsche 911 GT2 with a tagline ‘Respect Required’. 530HP 3.6s 0-100 kmh. Top speed 320kmh.

      3.For grabbing attention and garnering unbelievable ‘wow’ looks everywhere and to get the girls-Bugatti Veyron Blue Centenaire. This car will be the first in Malaysia!

      4.For top speed obviously the SSC Ultimate Aero- with a mind blowing 410 kmh! 2.7s 0-100 kmh. Only 25 of this exact model in the world. Tailgating any fastest car you can find on Malaysian road will be a piece of cake. Tsk..tsk..minta tumpang lalu..

      Of course what I suggested above almost sounded obscene to many people, but hey.. this forum is all about ‘your dream car’, make no mistake about it.

    2. sookhean says:

      For me it’s the Japanese cult car designed for illegal twisting uphill or downhill drifting(dori-dori).
      1.Nissan Silvia S13,S14,S15.
      2.Toyota Corolla AE86.
      3.Toyota MR2.
      4.Toyota Altezza Beams.
      5.Mazda RX-7.
      6.Nissan Skyline GTR

    3. jeff gti says:

      my fvr car is audi RS8…

    4. mat says:

      my favourite car..

      mazda rx7…cukup le hehe


    5. shah's says:

      my fav cars skyline GTR (R34) the powerfull cars 500bhp

    6. protonmania says:

      hmmmm…. proton waja dah la…..

    7. Botak smart says:

      dream car saye tp x kan dpt beli nye adalah…….. mc laren F1

    8. keta kuda………..

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