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    New contribution By gearoid antaine

    I don’t know why the Kancil is used for people learning to drive.I find drivers in Malaysia one of the worst I have ever encountered.They have no respect for other drivers or the law and are extremely dangerous and reckless.Every day I
    experience near death here on the roads.The Government is not doing it’s job to ensure safety on the roads.At least Singapore is a little more safer and orderly.


    KDI: email submitted by gearoid antaine to us is to express a dissapointment to malaysian car drivers.

    But in my opinion, Malaysian Driver still among the good driver. I have seen other countries such as China and Indonesia which has bad habbit compare to Malaysia. In Indonesia for example, they did not use the signal and most of the time using horn to turn and this will increase the road noise obviously. In China, they like to drive the car in a dangerous manner.

    Why use kancil? because it is the cheapest car they can buy for training. And it is easy to handle too. In Singapore, their government implement more strict rules with the allocation of more cctv to monitor drivers. While in Malaysia, it is a costly solution to install the cctv.

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