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    volvo S40 1

    Volvo Car Malaysia Sdn Bhd has lowered the price of Volvo’s premium entry level sedan, the 2.4-litre S40, to boost sales especially from potential buyers of Japanese models such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

    The newfacelift S40 now sells at RM169,500 (on the road without insurance), more than RM10,000 off the RM181,500 price tag of its predecessor.

    The refreshed S40 is more than 30 per cent lower than its main European rivals (the likes of BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A4)

    VCM president Robert Norrman noted that the profile of an S40 buyer is generally someone who is young and wants to upgrade from an Asian or Japanese brand, to enjoy a premium, luxury car with better performance and handling.

    With the new price strategy, VCM expect to sell at least 30 units a month or an average of one S40 a day. The previous S40 had an average annual sales of 200 units.

    Overall, VCM is targeting sales of over 1,000 units of Volvo vehicles this year, up from some 700 units in 2007.

    Norrman said although it is cheaper, the refreshed S40 is much improved in all aspects including design and safety, over its predecessor.

    “Like all our models, the S40 embodies Volvo’s leadership and commitment to safety and its unique Scandinavian design,” he added.

    The facelift S40 follows closely on the heels of hugely successful launch of the sporty two-door C30 coupe recently.

    The S40 gets a completely new, sportier and more prestigious front with elements from the new Volvo S80 and V70.

    The front is now 3mm longer than the previous version. The grille is completely new with an updated, deeper mesh pattern that clearly distinguishes the S40 model, and with additional chrome to emphasise the premium feel.

    The rear bumper has been redesigned and is unique for the S40 and V50 models respectively.

    volvo S40 2



    The design and technical refinements in the new Volvo S40 focused on improving the models’ already highly appreciated characteristics and on tackling weaknesses identified by customers, for instance when it comes to interior storage space.

    The design team exploited every available cubic centimetre in an intelligent way. The all-new design of the centre console and the door inside panels, for instance, has increased storage capacity and added even greater flexibility to the interior.

    volvo S40 3



    • Driver’s Environment

    Trip computer
    Park Assist Rear and Park Assist Front
    Hands-free for GSM pocket phone
    Turn-By-Turn Navigation System

    • Comfort & Versatillity

    Illuminated vanity mirror, front passenger
    Power windows, front and rear
    ECC Electronic Climate Control
    Interior air quality system (IAQS)

    • In-car entertainment

    Integrated 6-CD changer with MP3/WMA compatibility
    Remote control from the steering wheel


    Engine Name                         2.4i
    Engine Type Description     Five-cylinder petrol
    Power Train                          Front wheel drive
    Number of cylinders            5
    Engine Displacement           2435 cc
    Engine Bore                           83 mm
    Engine Stroke                       90 mm
    Max Engine Power              125 kW
    Horsepower                          170 hp
    Horsepower rev                   6000 rpm
    Torque                                   30 Nm
    Torque rev                            4400 rpm
    Fuel type                               Petrol
    Fuel Capacity                        62 l
    Cargo Capacity                      404 kg
    Towing Capacity                   700 kg


    volvo S40 4

    volvo S40 5


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