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    CoverEFX, a tuner out of Erftstadt, Germany, has taken it upon itself to bless the VW Touareg W12 with a little extra horsepower. With a little wrenching, the crew managed to bleed around 500 horsepower from the engine.

    Aside from a reflashed ECU, the engine is nearly completely stock, save for a new air filter system and a free-flowing exhaust. The company also worked its magic on the SUV’s suspension, turning the high-riding ute into a belly-scraping beast with a new set of coilovers. The finished product rides on massive 22-inch Kahn RS-L wheels


    BMW has unveiled the Concept Gran Coupé at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. The Concept Gran Coupé is BMW’s take on the increasingly popular four-door coupe.

    The four-door concept features coupe-like proportions and a body height that is flatter than the BMW 5 Series or 7 Series sedans. The concept also features LED lights on the front and rear and frameless doors to enhance the over look.

    The concept study on display symbolises the outstanding design expertise of BMW. The BMW Concept Gran Coupé concentrates the fundamental values of the brand. Its body design authentically captures a sense of superior dynamic performance and high-quality elegance. The shaping style, which follows a coherent pattern down to the last detail, convincingly visualises BMW’s philosophy as an automobile manufacturer. As with the Concept CS 2007, BMW once again sets new benchmarks in the design of 4-door coupes with a distinctive sporty character.

    At the rear, only design elements such as the lights and tailpipe trim appear to be visible at first sight. The entire rear section appears slimmer and lighter at the centre, though still exuding power and dynamic performance since the volume is reinforced towards the sides. The L-shaped light banks feature a slight, almost subtle curve and the entire design of the lines and surfaces highlights the vehicle’s elegant overall appearance. The third brake light, positioned in the rear window, is also fitted with LED technology. It takes up the kink in the roof and illuminates the entire width of the rear window. The powerfully flared wheel arches above the rear axle highlight the particularly sporty character of the BMW Concept Gran Coupé.

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