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  • Volkswagen Pickup Concept Revealed – First Details And Images

    Volkswagen Pickup Concept 2


    Here are some first details and images of the of the VW pickup truck concept which should eventually be out in Europe late next year.It previews the full production model currently in development which we believe will carry the label Robust or possibly Taro. It will also most likely feature VW’s all-wheel drive 4MOTION technology.We have seen the prototypes but temporary body panels have withheld the final styling, this production looking concept gives us reason to believe the final model’s styling will not veer far from what we see before us.

    The Pickup Concept follows a beach patrol theme with its blue LED lights fitted on the roof of the vehicle and you can barely fail to see the SAR (search and rescue) stickers plastered on the side of its body. It boasts a five-foot cargo area along with a two piece tailgate that cleverly stores essential tools for the day to day operations of a beach patrol vehicle. It features a double-cab layout with a center console that has a multifunction touchscreen that controls the radio-navigation system.

    Production begins in Pacheco, Argentina somewhere in the middle of 2009. The pickup is expected to be available in the following markets: South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. There are no confirmations on when or if the pickup will make it to US shores, but surely that can’t be too far round the corner.

    Volkswagen Pickup Concept 3

    Volkswagen Pickup Concept 1

    Volkswagen Pickup Concept 4

    Volkswagen Pickup Concept 5






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