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    While most air forces all around the would develop a newly design jet or weapon system, its not the same for U.S. Air Force. Instead of creating new Jets, they had collaborated with Galpin Auto Sports (which is famous in the MTV’s Pimp My Ride Show) to build a one of a kind custom Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.Why? They have their own reason. The Air Force needed something bit more spectacular than the ordinary TV ads to attract attention of new recruits. The result is the air-force-inspired white Ford Mustang ‘X-1’ and black Dodge Challenger ‘VAPOR’ that will travel across the country this year.


    The Dodge Challenger Vapor features a stealth bodykit with lot of carbon fiber exterior trims, a custom stealth exhaust mode that gives the driver an option to drive in complete silence, proximity sensors, and a 360-degree camera with a quarter-mile range.. A set of carbon fiber wheels can be found all around the car. And the car is painted with radar-absorbing paint to hide under the radar.


    The Dodge challenger interior comes with aircraft style controls with steering for both pilot and co-pilot driver and passenger and a throttle lever right in the center.Other features includes GPS tracking, night and thermal vision via a film on the front windshield and an advanced computer which can control an UAV via the internet.



    The Ford in the other hand features a Fighter Jet Cockpit layout where a only one driver seat can be found right in the middle of the car. The car is controlled via a flight stick or joystick simillar to a jet fighter. Three lcd’s and few high tech instrument panel had replaced the car ordinary dashboard.On the outside, the heavily modded ‘Stang gets a wide bodykit, dark alloy wheels and a pair of Lambo style scissor doors. Power is provided by a custom 4.6 liter V8 engine with 500HP, courtesy of Ford Racing.


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