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    Maybe many of us didn’t realize of the existance of the tricycle motorbike like Spyder Can-Am in Malaysia. Maybe we are too concentrating on the car story rather than digging up some motorcycle stuff. But now, you are already exposed to JPJ approved to be on the road, the Spyder CAN-AM 3 wheels motorbike.


    This motorbike has some features nearly same as a car but it is more towards a motorbike genetic. Is it worth to have the 3 wheels motorbike? With no roof and you are stuck in the jam? Hmm.. We can see rarely people buy this motorbike. I never see the bike on the road in Malaysia. But the bike is absolutely cool.

    It has a wider dimension than a Perodua Kancil, ABS, EBD and many of car specification in the 998 cc motorbike.

    Here we would like to share some information regarding specification of Spyder Can-am 3 wheels motorcycle




    Engine Specification

    Manufacturer:    BRP-Rotax

    Type:    990 V-Twin

    Displacement:   60.90 in3 (998cc)
    Bore:   3.82 in (97 mm)

    Stroke:   2.68 in (68 mm)

    Cylinder:   2

    Valves per cylinder:   DOHC 4

    Max output:   106 hp @ 8500 rpm

    (79 kW @ 8500 rpm)

    Max torque:   77 lb-ft @ 6250 rpm

    (104.3 Nm @ 6250 rpm)

    Compression ratio:   10.8:1

    Ignition type:   Electronic ignition with dual output coil

    Lubrication:   5W40 BRP synthetic oil

    Exhaust system:   2-into-1 with catalytic converter

    Cooling:   Liquid cooled

    Injection:   Multi-point EFI with 57 mm diameter throttle bodies



    Drive Train

    Gear box:   Sequential Manual 5-Speed (SM5) with transmission-based reverse

    Optional gear box:   Sequential Electronic 5-Speed (SE5) with transmission-based reverse

    Final drive:   28/79 ratio final drive with

    Carbon-reinforced drive belt

    Clutch:   Wet, multi-plate, manual or electronic operation through a hydraulic piston


    Electric Equipment

    Magneto:   500 Watt

    Starter:   Electric

    Battery:   Dry Cell, 12V, 21 Amp



    Front suspension :   Double A-Arm with anti-roll bar

    Front suspension travel:   5.67 in (144 mm) with adjustable cam

    Rear suspension:   Swing-arm with monoshock

    Rear suspension travel:   5.71 in (145 mm) with adjustable cam

    Chassis type:   SST Spyder

    (Surrounding Spar Technology)

    Steering:   DPS (Dynamic Power Steering)


    Tires & Wheels

    Front tire:   KR21 165/65R14

    Front nominal pressure:   13-17 psi (89-117 kPa)

    Rear tire:   KR21 225/50R15

    Rear nominal pressure:   26-30 psi (179-207 kPa)

    Wheel size, front:   Aluminum 14×5 (355×127)

    Wheel size, rear:   Aluminum 15×7 (381×178)



    Type:   Foot-actuated, fully integrated

    hydraulic 3-wheel braking system

    Front braking system:   4 piston calipers with 10.2 in x 0.25 in (260 mm x 6 mm) discs

    Rear braking system:   Single-piston caliper with 10.2 in x 0.25 in (260 mm x 6 mm) disc

    EBD:   Electronic Brake Distribution

    ABS:   Anti-lock Braking System

    Parking brake:   Mechanical, foot actuated to the rear caliper


    Safety & Security

    VSS:   Vehicle Stability System

    ABS:   Anti-lock Braking System

    TCS:   Traction Control System

    SCS:   Stability Control System with

    Roll-Over Mitigation

    DPS:   Dynamic Power Steering

    DESS:   Digitally Encoded Security System


    Vehicle Dimensions & Weights

    Dry vehicle weight:   699 lbs (317 kg)

    Front storage capacity:   2,685 in3 (44 l)
    Front max load capacity:   30 lbs (15.9 kg)

    Total vehicle load allowed:   440 lbs (200 kg)

    Fuel capacity:   6.6 US gal (25 l)

    Oil capacity:   1.19 US gal (4.5 l)

    Coolant capacity:   0.85 US gal (3.2 l)

    GVWR:   1,188 lbs (540 kg)

    Ground clearance:   4.5 in (115 mm)

    Vehicle overall height:   45.1 in (1,145 mm)

    Vehicle overall length:   105 in (2,667 mm)

    Vehicle overall width:   59.3 in (1,506 mm)

    Seat (top) height:   29 in (737 mm)

    Wheel base:   68 in (1,727 mm)

    Wheel track, front:   51.5 in (1,308 mm)

    Type of gas:   Unleaded, 87 octane minimum


    Features & Main Options

    Dual analog and LCD w/speedometer,

    tachometer, electric fuel gauge,

    daily trip (A & B) meters, engine

    temperature, ambient temperature

    and gear position indicator. Information

    displayed in either metric or US Standards

    Main options:   Fog lights, xenon lights,

    mono seat cover, racing exhaust pipe,

    travel bags, cargo liner, passenger

    backrest, low and high windshields

    Warranty:   2 years


    (Imagine a Malaysian ride on the three wheelers.. hurm..cool!)

    You can get the motorbike in some of the big motorcycle shop (kedai motor) in malaysia like welly.

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    7 Responses

    1. Ray Hanson says:

      Hi I would like to know if this bike is available in Australia and who is the agent or if you can import them into Aus? Regards Ray

    2. MC Liu (Ms) says:

      I am helping an old uncle to look for a three wheels bike, for better stability, given his advanced age.
      We live in Penang. Can you recommend some models, their prices and where is he nearest location we can view the three wheels bike?

    3. Ramli Mohd Ali says:

      Dimana bolih saya beli tricycle ini ? . Saya tinggal Di Kuantan , Pahang .

    4. bonnie says:

      please let me know the nearest dealer for the can am spyder as I am from johor

    5. sulaiman Rahman says:

      Dimana sya bolih beli moto ini dan brapa harganya.

    6. Calvin says:

      Looking for 8-12 spoke Spyder with 15-16 inches tyre, ooriginal one sux…. Sctectded a bit but can re-paint as. Open original color

      Call me 0129693818 if you got Amy thought.

    7. Abdul Hadi Ismail says:

      Di mana boleh saya beli motosikal ini & berapa harganya? Saya tinggal di Penang.

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