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    I have heard many people are too proud to own a timing chain vehicle without knowing that most of the advantages are on the timing belt side. That is what makes me want to share some of the facts of timing belt vs timing chain. Timing chain technology on a car is 10-20 years ahead of the timing belt but after doing some research, i found that now it is better to have timing belt compare to chain. The reason why car manufacturer like Toyota and Nissan build such a car with timing chain is to prevent the timing belt from breaks because timing chain use a more reliable metal instead of fiber material. The metal chain will last longer than the timing belt. That is the only advantage of timing chain over timing belt overall.
    However, now the material for the fiber has been improved and can withstand any pressure and tension for longer times up to 100 km of trip. The service cost or charges to change timing belt is around RM300 to RM500 in Malaysia. Depending on what models do you use. While timing chain is designed to fit forever on the engine due to its reliability. Just need to retension it again. But it needs to be changed whenever there is a noisy sound from your engine. For sure with more cost than the timing belt.
    In many cases, a timing belt makes more sense than a timing chain. For all its advantages, a timing chain is noisier, less efficient, and more expensive than a timing belt.

    What is timing belt?

    A timing belt is typically rubber with high-tensile fibres. A timing belt, or cam belt (informal useage) is a part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine’s valves. The term “timing belt” is also used for the more general case of any flat belt with integral teeth. Such belts are used for power transmission or to interchange rotary motion and linear motion, where either high loads or maintaining a specific drive ratio are important. A common non-automotive application is in linear positioning systems or bicycle drives.


    – Timing chain require a tensioner and if used for S(D)OHC – require a quieting shoe. In many cases one of them may serve both roles and two tensioner/quieter shoes could be used.
    – Timing chain is more durable. Doesn’t need to be changed on our cars for like 250000 km. Apparently on Mercedes Benz they are not supposed to be changed EVER, the timing just needs to be adjusted.
    – Chain is usually heavier per inch length than belt and therefore require stronger infrastructure to hold it in place. In case chain get stretched over time and go above tensioner’s adjustment capability things could go hairy fast. Engine’s timing may become erratic.
    – Timing chain in general is very reliable and require only every so often check-ups. Modern ECU could be capable of troubleshooting timing chain issues which increases reliability of the whole system.
    – Timing chain usually enclosed within an engine case and constantly lubricated.
    – Timing Chains do not stretch but they do wear over time
    – Timing chain may need replacing would include loss of power and noise from the timing cover at the front of your engine
    – Timing belt drive usually quieter than a chain drive. Since belt is lighter it requires lighter support structures and does not need a calming shoe.
    – For timing belt, SOHC/DOHC engines could have higher RPMs without worry of an added chain momentum.
    – Timing belt must be changed every 70-100 thousand km along with the tensioner and a water pump if one driven by the timing belt.
    – Timing belts do not require lubrication like a timing chain
    – Timing belts do stretch slightly, but not enough to cause so-called “timing
    – Timing belts reduce friction losses as the belt has more contact area
    – Timing belts decrease energy loss through vibration (in effect a belt has vibration dampening)
    – Timing belts breakage usually seperates the drive system causing little damage or danger unlike chain
    – Timing belts change is simpler and easier than timing chain
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    Pecah fiber pecah gelas, sudah baca komenlah se das! Terima kasih! =) Yg benar, Brader K Majalah Kereta Malaysia - kereta info

    17 Responses

    1. mel says:

      for timing belt users, make sure you change your timing belt on time
      because if your timing belt snap, your piston may hit the valve and bend the valve and damage the piston which
      will require you to do top overhaul or even major overhaul which can cost a bomb

    2. diegienismo says:

      Thank, nice technical briefing. i hope more technical issue coming soon. how about KDi put more issue on belt/chain specification or model…recommended model or…else…

      6k costly my friend car after his timing belt snap….just this week…sad but true…

    3. savvy88 says:

      timing belt vs timing chain = Proton vs Perodua

    4. Eder says:

      perodua myvi yg gune t’chain…..
      yg gune enjin daihatsu sumer gune belt……
      x slp ak savvy gune t’chain….

    5. liquid says:

      good bro…baru aku paham sblum nie confius…ada yang kondem kata guna timing belt tech lama…sebenarnya masing2 ada kelebihannya…

    6. savvy88 says:

      Perodua Myvi also use daihatsu Engine. All Perodua cars uses Daihatsu engine.
      They use timing chain. All Campro engine use timing belt.

    7. gen2 lama says:

      3 kali tukar timing belt for my gen2…80k km each…..tak mahal murah je…..

    8. @EDER
      taklah.. savvy guna timing belt. bleh exchange every 80K KM. atau bli yang durable pnye leh 100K KM .
      actually thats more than enough. kalau diikutkan, walaupun ken tuka timing belt. tapi sebenarnya dia jimat juga kerana kurang friction, energy loss, dan lighweight. jadi faktor jimat minyak & better performance kan?

      yup.. aku agree ramai org nk beli keta asyik kata better produa yg guna timing chain. sedangkan sebenarnya derg tak tau apa perbezaan dia..

    9. apa2 ajer says:

      topik yg bagus..boleh sedarkan manusia2 yg pandang rendah timing belt tanpa tahu apa lebih dan kurangnyer

    10. Joko says:

      Aku rasa kenyataan teantang perbezaan tu tak tepat, dan berbeza dengan apa yg aku rasa. Kereta Nissan GL aku pakai timing chain, lebih senyap enjinnyer dan lebih ringan. Kadang2 tak perasan injin sudah hidup. Sedangkan kereta waja aku jauh lebih riuh bunyi enjinnyer… so fakta diatas tidak tepat berdasar pengalaman aku.

    11. apa2 ajer says:

      x silap saya enjin nissan guna alloy sebab tu ringan sikit.. senyap mungkin faktor kabin nissan grand livina yg pandai buat penyerap bunyi.. MY 2 CENTS OPINION

    12. Man says:

      Timing chain sebenarnya teknologi lama digunakan oleh kereta seperti Volvo 240 zaman 70, 80 an dan sekarang digunakan semula. Timing chain tahan lebih lama tetapi akan menjadi bising dan perlu di ketatkan sekali sekala, macam chain motosikal atau basikal. Timing belt tahan 100,000 km aje tatapi senyap dan tak perlu ketatkan.

    13. AsmanSulaiman says:

      tai tau, mercedes tak guna belt atau chain utk timing …

    14. mfaz says:

      tak semua myvi guna timing chain…check betul2

    15. All 4 Timing Belt says:

      Ketara(Obvious)BETTER buy kereta using Timing Chain , walau-pun berbunyi in due/looooong time LESS hassle …. unlike Timing Belt, kalau PUTUS habis(!!!!)kereta ‘Potong’ TAK bolih gerak LANGSUNG……anyway to EACH his/her OWN! Buy Wisely, Yah??!!

    16. kdi says:

      timing chain memang tak payah tukar. tapi sekali die putus, kos mengalahkan belt. banyak parts engine pun kena tukar. kita tak tahu jangka hayat timing chain ni.

      kalau timing belt, kita tahu paling busuk pun 80k km boleh tahan. then tukar lah.. enjin pun selamat. walaupun kos dalam rm300++ tapi enjin sentiasa dalam keadaan baik.

    17. Mr says:

      Xde beza timing belt n chain belt kne tukar 70rbu ke 100km chain pkai sampi bunyi tp kne igat chain ni kne rajin jge minyk pelincir kne service ble sampi waktu n minyk yg digune kn kne sesuai lau nk jimat cadangkn pki timing gear lori pki..hehe biar berat skit n pki sampi rosak

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