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    One of Sultan Brunei’s car

    How many cars do you have? 1? 2? 3? 4? 10 cars in your garage is already an addiction for cars.How about 100? Or thousands. Thats insane.

    His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam has been listed as the world’s richest man for longer than most people can remember. As absolute sovereign of the little Sultanate that neighbours Malaysia, the Sultan pockets around half the profits from the state’s oil and gas reserves for himself and his family. It’s a personal bounty some analysts say amounts to three quarters of a billion pounds every year.

    The Sultan of Brunei has the highest collection of luxury cars in the world. He also has the records for the first cars sold by a manufacturer and even have the last cars of famous models that has already been phased out. The Sultan also often ordered cars in bulk, mainly because he wanted them in different colours – yellow, red and black.With over 5,000 cars in his garage, the Brunei Sultan is the most insane car collector.

    The garages are like huge warehouses

    It’s not surprising, therefore, that the Bruneian royals are profligate spenders. But still, no one could be prepared for the sights that await visitors to the multi-billion-pound collection stashed away in the four giant garages and workshop at House Number Five. “The garages are like huge warehouses,” says one source, “wall to wall with exotic cars. My jaw hit the ground when I saw them. It can take an hour and a half just to get a certain car out if it’s been parked right at the back.”

    Sulatan Brunei's car 1

    5000 vehicles, all logged onto a central computer system

    Around 3000 vehicles reside in the complex, out of a royal collection of 5000 vehicles, all logged onto a central computer system based in the workshop administration centre on the site. If not driven by immediate members of the family, then they are used by the ministers of state, government officials and members of the royal household. But the latest word is that much of the collection is now in mothballs as the Sultan assesses the impact of recent changes in the economic climate.

    Rolls-Royce supplied 40 or 50 cars a year to Brunei

    “The usual order for anything other than the most unique cars would be for at least six examples, all supplied in different colours,” another source claims. Two UK companies have benefited handsomely from the Sultan’s munificence: Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce. Aston is believed to have supplied between 200 and 300 cars over a 15-year period, ranging from virtually standard models to customised versions of current cars, such as the Vantage shooting brake and saloon.

    Aston has also supplied rolling Vantage chassis to Pininfarina, which has designed and built cars like the AM3 and AM4. Sources estimate the final cost of those machines at 600,000 Pounds, and just two or three of each have been built. Aston also supplied and serviced all the Jaguars on the Brunei fleet after the Coventry-based company refused to send technicians over, bizarrely suggesting the Sultan might like to rely on the local dealer network instead… Rolls-Royce supplied 40 or 50 cars a year to Brunei, mainly for use as government “runabouts”. The cars cost up to 450,000 Pounds and have all in recent years featured a special “Sultan spec'” engine. Reliable sources speak of a twin turbocharger set-up and a series of internal mods that deliver a peak torque figure of 712lb ft at 2400rpm and 542bhp at 4500rpm.

    Six Ferrari FX models for the Sultan

    The Bruneian royals have also spent millions with Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina which, as well as rebodying Aston Martins, has also produced many unique Ferraris. Convertible, coupe and saloon versions of the standard 456 Ferrari (all codenamed Venice) have been produced in limited numbers, mainly for Brunei but also for wealthy customers elsewhere in the world. Pininfarina has also produced at least six Ferrari FX models for the Sultan. Based on 512M running gear, the cars feature manual transmission shifted by a button on the steering wheel, a system developed by Prodrive for its rally cars. It predates Ferrari‘s own paddle-shift system on the F355 by a couple of years.

    The family also owns two fully operational Ferrari Mythos road cars – the Mythos was supposed to be a one-off show concept – but Pininfarina’s latest proposal, the Bolide, was turned down.

    Under the circumstances, perhaps the Sultan will choose to let the cars rot until Brunei’s prospects brighten. And that will be a great time to get into the restoration business.

    Sultan Brunei Car 16

     Some Article-Enter The Sultan’s Secrect Garage

    Sultan Brunei Car 13


    Aston Martin Virage Lagonda Wagon and Sedan
    Here’s a perfect example of the type of asks the Sultan would make to automakers. The V8 Vantage of the ’90s was an awesome piece of brutish British muscle. In our mind, the only way to make it more badass was to add more doors, and it would appear the Sultan was of the same mindset as the Brunei royals ordered Aston Martin to convert some Virages to Lagonda-badged sedans and wagons. Some were even converted to Vantage technical specification.

    Aston Martin Special Series 1
    Done in-house by Aston Martin Works, the Aston Martin Special Series 1 was styled to look like the classic DB4 Zagato. But while the old DB4 had to make do with an inline-six, the Series 1 rode on a V8 Vantage platform complete with twin-supercharged V8 power. Because when you’ve got the money to make it happen, you make it happen.

    Aston Martin Special Series 2
    Where the Series 1 was pure retro, the Series 2 was the culmination of contemporary. Striking a nice balance between elegant and aggressive, the Special Series 2 was also believed to be based on the V8 Vantage. Sounds like a nice way to counter-balance the design of the Series 1. Or at least the Sultan seemed to think so.

    Aston Martin AM3
    The AM3 was the most non-traditional design of all the custom Astons. Perhaps this was because it was bodied by Pininfarina in Italy. The lights were given a smoked treatment to blend in with the black plastic front fascia. And like all great contemporary designs, it still looks modern today.

    Aston Martin AM4
    Although the AM4 was much more conservative than the AM3, it too was designed by the denizens of the clay workshops of Pininfarina. Also on the V8 Vantage chassis, we think it looks something like a big DB7.

    Bentley Dominator
    Before the Porsche Cayenne or Cadillac Escalade, if you wanted an SUV with a stuck-up sense of over-built purpose, there was only the Range Rover. Unless you were the Sultan, in which case you’d commission Bentley to construct a batch of SUVs with a unique Bentley chassis and Range Rover 4WD systems. At least they didn’t ride on 24″ spinners.

    Bentley Java
    Originally the Java was a concept to show what a Bentley based on a BMW 5-series might look like. Apparently the Brunei royals liked it enough they had Bentley build a convertible version of the show car. The gleefully exorbitant brand-bastard madness didn’t stop with the drop-top, as it appears he had some wagons built as well. Though from what we understand they didn’t actually use a BMW for these functioning examples of concept gone crazy.

    Bentley Rapier
    Back when all Bentleys were styled starting with Lego models, the Rapier was designed to be a modern and forward-thinking interpretation of the brand. The flowing lines are still more sleek that the current lineup from Crewe. Although now, the front view might cause people to initially confuse it for a Jaguar XF.

    Alpina B12 BMW 8-Series
    The BMW 850CSi was the best you could get from Bavaria, but that wasn’t good enough for the Sultan. The version of the big coupe is tuned by Alpina and called the B12. In addition to those fancy stripes and vents, the car had a V12 pumping out about 350 HP.

    Cizeta-Moroder V16T
    With a 16-cylinder engine made from two V8s stuck together, the Cizeta-Moroder V16T was one of the most ambitious hypercar projects ever attempted. The engine was mounted in a Fiero-like sideways fashion, instead of the longitudinal way you’d expect in a Lamborghini. Even the headlights were over-the-top, it had two flip-up lamps on each side.

    Dauer Porsche 962
    Known as the Dauer 962 Le Mans, it’s an extremely limited edition street-version of Porsche’s dominant 962 race car. It’s also said up to five of these once lived in the Brunei royal garage. At one time, they were arguably the fastest road cars in the world. That is, if you actually consider them “road cars.”

    Ferrari 456 Venice
    The Ferrari 456 is arguably the most elegant car to come from Maranello in recent years. That being said — why stop with mere elegance when you’re a Sultan. No, a Sultan demands indulgence. Which we’re assuming is why he built himself a four-door sedan and wagon version of the Italian stallion. With a wave of his hand, he commissioned design-shop Pininfarina to build some super-sized versions. We’re even told the Sultan reportedly had them set up shop on the royal grounds, just for this sort of special project. Must have been why they tossed in that sexy drop-top 456 Spider at no extra cost.

    Ferrari F40
    The Ferrari F40 only came in red, right? Not if you’re the Sultan. It’s ironic to see the most exciting car of its day in the most drab color imaginable.

    McLaren F1
    Obviously, this wasn’t the only McLaren in the garage, but where else are you gonna find one in yellow? And we all know what yellow is good for. We can see it now ,the Sultan cruising, one chick magnetically sealed to each side due to the raw yellow magnetism of the McLaren.

    Mercedes-Benz Argento Vivo
    Essentially a re-bodied SL, the Argento Vivo design was originally a Honda concept car by the same name. But what sets a Honda concept apart from a Mercedes is all about what’s under the hood. In this case, an AMG 7.3-liter V12, the same engine used in the Pagani Zonda.

    Mercedes-Benz S73 Touring
    Yet another awesome wagon, the special S-class Touring model was designed just for the Sultan. Of course, it never hurts to have some extra power to drag around all that extra cargo room, so AMG installed another one of their 7.3-liter V12s under that pretty hood.

    Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet
    That’s not just a sheet-metal restoration. It’s been restored by HWA, the people that made the CLK-GTR, and was given modern underpinnings from a (then) new S-class. Style of the old, power of the new.

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
    The Sultan didn’t just use HWA for the 600 above. Like many tuning houses, the Sultan of cars had them take a swing at a few four-wheeled wonders. Like the Mercedes above. Sure, it looks just like a normal 300 SL, but it’s got a modern drivetrain. That gives it plenty of “go” to match the gullwing “show.”

    Lamborghini LM002 Wagon
    What could be better than the Rambo-Lambo? How about a wagon version? Just looking at this thing pumps enough testosterone into our system to make us want to go on a Lion-hunting expedition. In the middle of a war zone.

    Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina
    Think Jaguar’s XJ220 is just too ugly? Of course not. So why would you have one re-styled by Pininfarina? Because you can, and because the end result looks absolutely fantastic.

    Range Rover Limo
    Nowadays, it’s common to see stretched Escalades and Navigators, but this Range Rover was stretched long before big SUVs were played out.

    Rolls-Royce Majestic
    Styled by Bertone, this one-off Roller dubbed the Majestic is distinct enough to be noticed by those in the know, but subtle enough to be overlooked by most everyone else. Much less vulgar than say, a current Phantom.

    Rolls-Royce Royale
    What collection would be complete without a basic stretched Rolls-Royce? The Sultan had plenty of limos like these, but something about this Roller just gives it the quintessential “rich guy” flavor.




    Sultan Brunei Car 2


    Sultan Brunei Car 3


    Sultan Brunei Car 4


    Sultan Brunei Car 5


    Sultan Brunei Car 6


    Sultan Brunei Car 7


    Sultan Brunei Car 8

    Sultan Brunei Car 9

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    Majalah kereta Malaysia Test drive review Review kereta di Malaysia

    28 Responses

    1. Peja says:

      Wah…aku ni pun cume ade sbijik kete..al maklumla org bujang..tp aku rase kalau 2 biji pn da ckup…xnk la byk2..hehe

    2. nick chan says:

      the sultan does not have taste

    3. Along says:

      Klu aku jadi Sultan kan bagus..

    4. Hairie Nakal says:

      wah power lah Sultan Brunie ni klau kasi aku jaga pun kira ok dapat aku test drive all the car dgn dayang dayang huhuhuhu

    5. KoMeNg says:

      ohhh banyak gak. kalau aku banyak duit nak gak beli kereta banyak2. tapi aku satu keta pun takde masa nak jenguk2. xpelah rezeki masing2. rase-rase cm nak pakai dua keta. satu pi jalan 2 satu lagi bawak pi kerja.

    6. erik bera says:

      sultan pun mnusia gak….org yg terpilih di sisi allah adlh org yang bertaqwa…buat ape beli keto byk2 kalu x naik…baik bg kat orng miskin ke,ank yatim ke,org palestin ke..ni beli benda x pedoh…

    7. zimah says:

      10 thn akan datang… msti garaj sultan semakin besar…hehe

    8. Chifu says:

      Nie sultan nie beli ker orang yang bagi…….
      byk-byk nie sape nak bawak….
      driver sultan nie…ramai benor ker…

      ape-ape..pun ferrari tu beb…

    9. jemboo says:

      beli supercar nak bawak g mana?tak habis gear 2 dah habis satu brunei.baik naik kancil macam aku.he..he..heeeee……….

    10. rahsia says:

      brunei dah la kecik , boleh plak muat
      nasihat – rakyat brunei claim la sikit

    11. alhabshi s s says:

      Don’t comment its rezeki dia dia suka dia collect, he has all the money growing and how do you know he don’t give or help the poor? kita mampu collect model collect aja kalau tak tumpang suka. I am a car lover too and collect cars I have a Triumph Spitfire 4 (1965), Austin 1300 (1974), BMW 318i (1990), Peugeot 206 (2008), Kelisa (2006) for my daughter what ever I fine time to drive it and I don’t buy cars and sell I love it and keep in good condition. Its my opinion only don’t feel bad everybody have their own hobbies.

    12. PuteraTMJ says:

      Hai say man…Beta cuma pki Lamborgini je kat JB, tu pun ayahnda beta bagi….Nati beta cadang nk gak pki Ferrari yg plg bagus k….

    13. Putera_1602 says:

      Mak aih…geram aku tgk..

    14. Niemans says:

      A little bit more about Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah:

      Under Brunei’s 1959 constitution, the Sultan is the head of state with full executive authority, including emergency powers since 1962. On 9 March 2006, the Sultan was reported to have changed Brunei’s constitution to make himself infallible under Bruneian law.He is also the Prime Minister of Brunei, as well as holding the portfolios of Defence and Finance. That’s why nobody questions his extravaganza!

      Do you know that the Sultan received high school education in Malaysia’s premier school Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur, where he joined the Cadet Corps?

      Do you know that amongst his vast collection also included two London Taxis??

      The Sultan is famous for his vast automobile collection. In 1998, the British car magazine Autocar published undercover photographs of the Sultan’s cars, which included unique modifications of Ferraris and Bentleys. It has been said that he has at least 3,000 to 6,000 cars and has bought over U.S.$4 billion worth of cars. His car collection has now become the stuff of legend – nobody knows exactly how many cars the wealthy Sultan owns. He may not even know himself.

      According to Guinness World Records the Sultan’s personal private collection has 500 Rolls-Royces — the largest collection of that marque in the world.

      He also possesses a Formula One car as driven by every Formula 1 World Drivers Champion since the 1980 Formula One season, particularly the ones driven in the last race for each season. A prime example of this is Jacques Villeneuve’s Williams FW19 which still bears the collision damage courtesy of Michael Schumacher in the 1997 European Grand Prix.

      For personal use, the sultan has a Boeing 747-400 furnished with gold plated furniture with an estimated value of $233 million including $3 million on furniture, six smaller planes and two helicopters. He is trained to pilot the aircraft.

      His official residence is the Istana Nurul Iman, with 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, and a floor area of 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 m²), undisputedly the world’s largest palace.

    15. Joko says:

      PROTON ker, Nissan ker, TOYOTA ker , HONDA ker, NAZA ker yang sibuk2 bergaduh kat dalam nih, tak masuk pong dalam senarai koleksi dia… hee heee kecik nyer rasa diri aku…

    16. IKA says:

      wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! giler la tak pe dh bsr nnt aq kalah kan sultan BRINEI 2…………. haha…………… kalo nak coment antar kat emel aq [email protected]

    17. Anonymous says:

      Kereta Die Semue Cantik2.. aku rase ko yg takde taste kot… atau ko ikutkan sifat dengki ko tu!

    18. Anonymous says:

      biarlah die… kan dia kaya… suka hati die la… hobby die… lagipun die byk tolong rakyat brunei dgn duit die yg lebih2 tu.. hehehe

    19. norman says:

      Kalau dah kaya giler rase2 Honda,Proton,Kia dia tak pandang pun.Mungkin Nissan GTR 3.8 pun buat lanyak jer..

    20. Lorenzoo OO oo OO oo says:

      Boros dan membazir

      Jangan lah kita membazir dengan cara yang sia-sia kerana ada pihak lain yang bertepuk sorak.

      Ramai lagi hamba Allah Ta’ala yang masih memerlukan sumbangan untuk terus berjuang menentang kezaliman kafir.

      Gunakanlah harta kamu ke jalan Allah Ta’ala. Sesungguhnya itu lebih bermakna untuk dunia kamu dan akhirat kamu.

      Kerana apabila kita mati meninggalkan dunia , kita akan disoal di alam kubur nanti.

      Fikir-fikirkan lah…

    21. Lily says:

      Dh kaya kn..duit pun byk.Aku dgr crita tiap2 thun pun sultan brunei ni anta rakyat die free2 aja tunakan haji,Wallahualam…Jd adil la die pd diri die sndri n rakyat jelata.Mcm aku yg kurang mampu ni pkai jela kreta sbijik,moto pun sbijik,basikal pun sbijik.haha..Bersyukur dgn apa yg ada.Alhamdulillah.

    22. apa2 ajer says:

      ” It has been said that he has at least 3,000 to 6,000 cars and has bought over U.S.$4 billion worth of cars. His car collection has now become the stuff of legend – nobody knows exactly how many cars the wealthy Sultan owns. He may not even know himself.

      According to Guinness World Records the Sultan’s personal private collection has 500 Rolls-Royces — the largest collection of that marque in the world. ”
      ..dipetik dari ” norman”..

      bagi gua gua x setuju dia boroskan sampai cam2 sekali duit dia..sebab sultan dptkan wang tu sbg pemerintah brunei jadi disini ada hak rakyat dalam sebahagian hartanya sebab kekayaannya bukan dikumpul dari duit hasil berniaga sebaliknya hasil minyak.. minyak pula adalah sumber asli brunei dan kalau ikut islam adalah hak rakyat.. so x patut sbg pemerintah membazir sampai tahap camni.. cuma brunei dan arab ni pandai sikit banding pemimpin malaysia.. mereka walau boros tapi tetap bg byk kebajikan pada rakyat sampai g haji pun hantar, sponsor, kawin pun sponsor sebab tu rakyat x memberontak walaupun turut lesapkan wang rakyat..

      dalam soal org kaya gua respect syed mokhtar bg org islam sbb walau kaya ( org melayu plg kaya di Malaysia, Singapura ), hanya guna Proton Perdana.. pesawat pun dia x mau beli walhal mampu.. kalau bukan Islam wa respect sama org no2 paling kaya di Asia yang pernah jadi no5 paling kaya di dunia, Li Ka Shing.. walau bisnesnye control hampir semua bisnes di Hong Kong, dia tetap pakai jam zaman dia miskin dulu2.. seluar dan kasut pun kasut dan seluar yg biasa2 aja..

      kalau pemerintah wa respect sama Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz terkenal dengan kemiskinannya sampaikan rumahnya cukup kecil walhal memerintah sebuah negara ulung yg menakluk negara2 eropah ketika itu

    23. namumora says:

      btol2…umah MB kelantan nik aziz pun rumah kampung jek…huhu

    24. apa2 ajer says:

      itulah… gua respect sama itu MB Kelantan, Tuan Guru Haji Nik Abdul Aziiz Nik Mat.. bukan setakat umah kampung, kereta pun pakai kereta kerajaan jer.. siap gua pernah dgr Nik Aziz berhentikan kereta sbb nampak ada kereta tersadai tepi jalan.. pastu nik aziz suruh driver dia bawak orang yang keretanya bermasalah ni ke bengkel, nik aziz pula tahan teksi gi tempat kerja.. ada ke mana2 pemimpin terutama UM NO BN sanggup buat macam ni? 1/2 daripada gajinya disedekahkan ke 2 akaun iaitu akaun kerajaan negeri dan parti PAS.. segala elaun2 keistimewaan tmsk elaun buat majlis raya dibuang.. pemimpin UM NO masuk parlimen/ DUN bentang naik gaji Pak Menteri/ Exco adalah.. turun gaji pun masa zaman Pak Lah.. itupun plastik jer skrg dah naik balik ( rujuk handsart DUN Sarawak )

    25. Mad says:

      salam hormat bro, kalaulah gua dapat sebiji kete mcm tu fuuuuuuuuuuh……….. x tahulah nak kata apa. mmang syok !! wwwwwwwoo fiiiwiiiiiiit. gua x mmpu pakai dpt tengok pun syok ge kan. kira wa respek btul la kt Sultan Brunai. dia mampu beli kete tu bia lah dia pakai.!!! itu hak dia.

    26. auto fanz says:

      kawe pn asal klate jgak tp xdok dgr lg crito hok apa2 ajer ryak 2..ni bru tahu..kawe mmg respek dio walau pn pmahaman politik lain..kawe respek psl ilmu agama dio..bbalik kpda crito THE SULTAN OF BRUNEI’S CAR COLLECTION ni,smpai 5000 biji? biji sagu k gapo..demo ni ble wat tukar kreto lbih pdo tukar slipar jepun..slipar jepun rmah kawe ni pn xsapa 5 psg..apo kato demo bui kawe so kawe nk hok atas skali 2 dah bunyi sultan brunei pmurah bui pitih rakyat nk g haji k,apo saloh bui sbutir kawe..psl pelek xajin jupo lg d malaysia ni..k ado d malaysia ni eh? abe apa2 ajer skalo byk tahu psl kreto ni tra tere (terangkan) skit abe ape2 ajer 2..sedak dgar abe apa2 ajer tere gak..

    27. Man says:

      Ayah saya pernah berkursus dengan dua rakyat Brunei dan diberitahu Sultan Brunei banyak menderma kepada orang dan negara susah atau miskin menggunakan proksi supaya tidak diketahui orang…. fikir-fikirlah.

    28. akusylo says:

      kOrg ni p kutuk2 wat pew??bodoh tol..diew kaye..smue milik diew..rakyat tu datg ..pendatang..lantak diew lah..
      korg ni jelez je lebih..bodoh sombong..
      n kat brunei xde yg miskin..
      plg koman pon jaga gune vios or avanza…
      memang lah g haji kew kawen kew sultan sponser..
      korg taw x brape bnyak rkyat brumei????
      400 ribu org jew..
      malaysia mane dpt wat samdol bodo…
      rakyat kite 24juta..
      pikir2kan lah…
      jgan ckap gune mulut jew
      otak xjalan..
      wat malu org malaysia jer korg nih..

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