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    Do You Know What This Symbol Means?.Do you recognize the symbol here? It lights up in your instrument panel and looks like a U-shaped pictograph with treads and an exclamation point in the middle.Do you understand what it means now?.If you guessed a low tire-pressure warning, you are right. If you didn’t recognize the symbol, that’s also understandable because one out of three drivers do not, according to Schrader, a company that makes tire pressure monitoring systems.Read the full news from Goodyear below.


    The “good news?” Almost 100 percent of people in a recent survey said driving with underinflated tires is a serious safety issue.

    The “bad news?” More than a third of the same group couldn’t correctly identify a car’s warning light symbol for underinflated tires.

    The survey, conducted by Schrader, a company making tire pressure monitoring systems – or TPMS for short – revealed these startling facts.

    Generally, the TPMS icon is supposed to illuminate before the tire pressure in one or more of the vehicle’s tires is 25 percent below the manufacturer’s recommended amount.

    “Goodyear is very supportive of TPMS,” said Rick Scavuzzo, Goodyear’s director Government Compliance and Product Performance. “And, we continue to urge drivers to check their tire pressure at least once a month.”

    In 2008, automakers were required by law to add TPMS to vehicles.

    The law came as a result of the Ford Explorer issue a decade ago in which rollover accidents were blamed on underinflated Firestone tires.

    One outcome of the investigation was discovering many drivers never check their tire pressure – missing the opportunity to help ensure their safety, improve their gas mileage and make their tires last longer.

    Schrader says the survey, conducted earlier this year, showed 46 percent of drivers couldn’t figure out that the warning icon was supposed to look like a tire.

    Regardless of whether they recognized the icon, a third didn’t know what the tire-pressure monitoring system is.

    Another 14 percent thought the light was warning them something else was going wrong in their car — but not tire pressure.

    Yet the survey found almost all drivers — 96 percent — agree driving with underinflated tires is a serious safety issue, although only 44 percent said they regularly check their tire pressure.

    Schrader created a website, TPMSMadeSimple.com, to help drivers understand the purpose and benefits of TPMS, as well as what steps to take when the TPMS alert illuminates.

    The site also explains the many economic and environmental benefits of proper tire pressure

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