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    Perodua Axia 1.0
    (Standard E, standard G, SE and Advance)

    ENGINE :
    1.0 liter, 1kr-de2, 3 cylinder aluminium.

    AUTO 4 speed and 5 speed manual

    POWER BHP : 66

    TORQUE NM : 90

    0-100 KMH ACCELERATION SECONDS: above 15 sec

    TOP SPEED : 155 km/h

    FUEL CONSUMPTION : 20.1 km/l auto, 21.6 km/l manual

    DIMENSION MM : 1620 width

    14 inch alloy rim, 175/65 r14 tyres

    PRICE : RM25K to RM42.5K

    MONTHLY INSTALLMENT : RM266 to RM452 per month




    1) Big space inside a small car
    2) Good air conditioning system
    3) All variant with 2 airbags
    4) SE and Advance front looks
    5) The cheapest car price in Malaysia


    1) 1.0 liter engine is like too suffering to bring this car with loads.
    2) Engine noise and vibration is terrible
    3) The body metal sheet is the thinnest we have ever seen and easily get dented
    4) Bad front looks on standard version
    5) Super bad speedometer design and practicality



    5 =(Very good)
    4 = (Good)
    3 = (Normal)
    2 = (Quite bad)
    1 = (worst)


    1) Front bumper : 2
    2) Headlamp : 4
    3) Rear bumper : 2
    4) Tail lamp : 4
    5) Side view : 3
    6) Sport rim : 3
    7) Front grille : 3
    8) Body kit & skirting : 4

    Additional comment :
    The SE and Advance exterior are much better but the standard Axia exterior are so frustrating. A weird front bumper and normal reflector base headlamp on standard Axia need some touch up or modification on it.

    However, rear LED tail light for all variants is cool.

    The body size is quite similar to myvi but just a bit smaller. Quite impressed with the small car size, can give that amount of space inside a compact car.



    1) Seat comfort : 4
    2) Dashboard : 3
    3) Speedometer : 1
    4) Window : 3
    5) Leg room space : 5
    6) Head room space : 4
    7) Width shoulder space : 4
    8) Audio speaker sound quality : 1
    9) Audio multimedia player : 2
    10) Air conditioning : 4
    11) Noise sound insulation : 3
    12) Door trim : 3
    13) Steering wheel : 4
    14) Head and arm rest : 4

    Additional comment:

    The seat material is too soft but it still a comfortable ride.

    Dashboard really looks like a vios 2nd gen dashboard with V shape design. A boring panel but at least, it has a very good aircond louvre position.

    The worst part of it’s interior is the speedometer. The RPM meter is too small at the left side. With no illumination, it is harder to see the RPM indication. The design of the speedometer is too simple with dull black and red colour.

    The leg room is amazingly spacious. More spacious than Myvi. But there is some funny boxy shape exhaust tunnel at the center leg space.

    Audio system for Perodua cars? Everybody knows how bad they are. Nevermind, you can invest another few thousands to make it better yourself. So who cares if there is no radio in the lowest spec of Perodua cars (Axia standard at RM25K)?

    Air conditioning is surprisingly good under the hot weather. The blower is strong, the cooling system also good.

    Interior sound insulation is normal. You can still hear the outside noise and the engine noise is quite clear especially when you press it harder to higher engine RPM.

    The door is not as thin as Perodua Viva. The door panel and trim also looks better in the Axia. Closing the door gives you some good feel and very minimum noise.

    Arm rest is a bit small on the door panel, considering it is good enough as a compact car. Head rest is soft and comfortable.


    (Front parking sensor)


    Overall : All fitted with 2 airbags, headlight reminder, seatbelt reminder and 4 star Asean Ncap safety rating. But ABS with EBD only available on SE and advance version.



    Good : The engine response is quick

    Bad :
    The power to get to 100kmh is very frustrating. Cannot feel the engine is pulling like what we can feel in a Perodua Viva. Maybe due to the engine management that plans the fuel very well for fuel efficiency.

    The engine noise get into the cabin and is very annoying when accelerating. But once you are on cruise around 80kmh, the RPM stays at around 2.0-2.5K and gives less noise for your ride.

    You will get a green eco light when you lightly press the acceleration pedal. That will enhance your green driving habit.

    The engine vibration is quite bad before starting to accelerate. That is when you press the brake pedal to prepare to enter the main road and up to a cruising speed.

    Overall, we are not happy with the engine and gearbox setup. Maybe Perodua can fix something on how the engine behave.




    Surprisingly the Axia is a comfortable compact car on a highway or even on a rough road surface.

    We have tried on a pot hole and few bumps, the Axia is excellent on all road condition due to a soft suspension setup.

    Besides being a comfortable car, it also gives a more stable ride at high speed and corners not like the less stable ride on Perodua Viva.

    The Electronic Power steering is a major improvement on their cars. It gives lighter feels at low speed and add a bit of heavy feels to increase your confidence at high speed. That is good enough for a cheap compact car that you cannot compare with other better and pricier cars in malaysia.


    However, within the two speed condition, the steering is like giving you some free play that makes you want to hold the steering more carefully.



    Before you buy, it is advised to make a research on the major problems, maintenance cost in RM like how much to repair or replace normally broken parts such as air cond, gearbox, window, windscreen, head lamp, bumper, wheels @ tyres @ rims, drive shaft, side mirror, radiator, alternator, ECU computer box, any sensors like MAF and ABS, Engine parts like head, cam, gasket, filter, timing belt and exhaust system.

    Normal servicing costs are also important such as minor service of engine oil, air filter, oil filter, gearbox oil, coolant replacement, wheel allignment balancing, sport rim with tyre pressure check, top overhaul, brake fluid change, power steering fluid change, brake pad, brake disk and shoe.

    Road tax per year based on engine Capacity and car type. Please refer JPJ or RTD official web for current tax charges. Cars below 1.6 cc will be charged below RM100 per year.

    Insurance charges normally around 0.03% out of sum insured or current car resale value.


    Standard front bumper


    Boxy tunnel rear leg space


    Nice Axia SE with projector headlamp


    Rear Axia Advance with crystal LED tail lamp


    Door with panel is quite thick


    Rear Axia standard view


    Front leg room


    Good door seal design


    Better Door panel


    Very Small RPM meter and dark speedometer


    Extremely thin body metal sheet. Easily bent and dented by hand. Quite bad quality on the body part.


    Rear legroom


    Front space.


    Performance : Good @ bad acceleration
    Fuel Consumption : km/liter
    Good point :
    Bad point :
    Problem so far :
    Service maintenance cost : RM
    Other notes :

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    26 Responses

    1. azrai says:

      Ni macam showroom kat MPAJ Pandan Indah aje.

    2. eimsperfume says:

      Akhirnya kdi juga yang ketengahkan isu mengenai engine bay axia yang pelik sebab pegang fender macam tu. Kereta yang memang jimat metal sebab tu dapat berat 820kg.

    3. Yusufrb99 says:

      Terima kasih kdi kerana mberi pendapat yg iklas tentang Perodua Axia. Ternyata kuasa pick up permulaan agak hambar dan kereta tiga cylinder ini di ganggu olih gegaran.
      Seperkara menarik keselesaan memandu agak baik, dan design luaran yg ringkas dan menarik juga terutamanya model SE.
      Design dashboard sedikit bosan tetapi luas dalaman keta kecil ni baik.
      Mungkin model standard manual rm24,600 adalah pilihan value for money terbaik.

    4. Oleoresin says:

      KDI… I am back…. Hehehe….. Anyway…. aku masih tak berpuas hati tentang model 1.0E, termurah punye. Aku nak tengok cermin belakang, betul ke takde penyah-kabus. Kalau takde, pasal apa button defogger tu ada dalam official website depa. Tanya salesman semua pakat ckp takde

    5. kdi says:

      Yusuf, setuju dgn anda.. model yang paling berbaloi pastinya paling basic iaitu Axia standard manual 1.0. Tapi menurut jurujual, tempahan mengambil masa paling lama iaitu selama 3 bulan baru boleh diterima kerana model paling basic berharga RM25K itu sangat limited. Strategi perodua untuk menggalakkan orang membelo model yg lebih mahal. Model basic itu memang paling berbaloi walaupun tiada radio, abs dan body kit lain. Tp ia masih mempunyai ruang dan keupayaan enjin yang sama.

      Eims, kepingan besi body perodua axia tu memang sangat mengejutkan. Terlalu nipis dan boleh dilentur dengan tangan. Lagi nipis dari viva dan kancil. Agak menakutkan jugak dengan body yang nipis macam tu. Tapi chasis axia masih kuat walaupun body nya nipis. Cuma dalam jangka masa panjang, body luar axia akan lebih mudah tercalar, berlekuk dan kemik.

      Oleo, hehe.. memang banyak spec yg kurang. Tp bandingkan harga axia dengan model sebelumnya viva atau kancil, keluasan dan enjin tu lagi berbaloi. Cuma dari segi safety features memang agak mengecewakan. Iriz pasti lebih bagus dari segi spec tp harga lebih mahal.

    6. Aliff says:

      Saya ingin bertanya kepada pengguna axia, berapakah rpm untuk variant manual apabila dipandu pada kelajuan 110kmh menggunakan gear 5

    7. boyy says:

      hi i would like to ask is the axia engine vibrate when the car is stop. my axia vibrate and shake when its stop. like waiting at the red light my car will vibrate. even seater side can feel that.

    8. ootai says:

      This axia is the initial production in malaysia. So, expect to have plenty problems, eg, vibrations, lack of pick up for auto, etc. After all, 5 yrs warranty. U hv to keep coming to them for maintenance (& pay from pocket) & they will collect all the data for their remedial nx model. Perodua is lol.

    9. Reduan AIA says:

      Seat belakang nampak sangat menegak…..

    10. Angah says:

      gegar memang kuat sikit . saya dah bawak 155km/h kat highway kalau lalu sebelah bas ke lori ade rasa melayang sikit biasalah kete kecik. kalau 110 guna gear 5 tu ade la dalam 3k lebih rpm nya

    11. alif says:

      Hi, sy pngguna axia stndrd g auto, first batch september 2014, nak tya pasal mengapa di meter screen axia sy mnunjukkan 14.8liter untuk 1km avrge, bukankah sepatutnya 20.1km/h untuk 1 liter?

    12. kdi says:

      Alif, bukan 20km/h tp 20km/l. 14 liter utk 100km tu agak kuat minyak tu.

      Berapa km mileage dah pakai? Dah try isi full tank berapa km dapat?

      Kalau sape2 ade result fuel test plz share here k.. tq

    13. Pakara Bekam +6013-6406981 says:

      Terima kasih KDI ,

      Sharing yg bagus & really worthy
      Terutama part kepingan body Axia yg nipis , agak mengejutkan….
      & part advice sebelum beli .

    14. idris abdul rashid says:

      Ulang alik dari Shah alam ke cameron highland, melalui simpang pulai. Purata perjalanan 550km dengan muatan 4 orang dewasa. Dengan perbelanjaan minyak rm53, capaian 17.7km/L. Ape pendapat korang?

    15. MISHKA says:

      My 10 days new Perodua Axia G spec, windscreen broke upon close driver door without any reason. Poor windscreen quality.

    16. Alex says:

      On my std E, noise level in cabin is very uncomfortable when travelling over rough roads. Can feel the harshness. I hv done soundproofing on the floor but it is still the same. Not sure whether there is difference in soundproofing for E and G.

    17. azharina says:

      salam semua..saya ingin bertanya mengenai penggunaan minyak untuk perodua axia nie..saya bru pakai seminggu tp meter screen saya menunjukkan penggunaan minyak adalah 13.5km/l…kenapa jd mcm 2 ek..setahu saya axia nie jimat minyak 21.6km/l…sbb 2 saya bli..alih2 indah kbahar dari rupa..

    18. Krizal says:

      Salam semua. Aku punye meter screen minyak dulu masa beli 14.5km/j …jlan jauh p kedah naik 17.5km/j. Sekarang ulang alik keje dlm keadaan jem jd 12.5km/j. Tekono ni…

    19. Muhammad Iskandar says:

      Salam,saya pengguna Mitsubishi Attrage(21km/l).
      Pengiraan km/l melalui purata perjalanan.
      Kereta Axia(21.6km/l) pun sama pengiraannya.

      Jika traffic jam purata perjalanana anda dekat & minyak yg digunakan banyak. Oleh itu km/l itu akan berkurangan.
      Kerata saya pernah mencapai 21km/l jika bawa 80km/j ikut jalan dalam(bukan highway).
      Jika highway keadaan angin diluar kuat hanya boleh mencapai 17km/l.
      Jika traffic jam mcm JB, Seremban & KL 10~14km/l.

      Fyi, technology terkini untuk jimat minyak; semasa kereta berhenti seperti di traffic light enjin kereta akan mati(0rpm). Jika anda tekan minyak enjin hidup semula(800~1200rpm).

    20. Soon says:

      Saya pemilik Perodua Axia model G manual. Saya telah memandu kereta ini ke Pulau Pinang dengan seorang penumpang dan muatan penuh back seat & boot…kelajuan 80-90 km/h, aircon on sepanjang masa. Setelah tamat perjalanan sejauh 357km, meter menunjukkan purata penggunaan petrol sebanyak 24.9km/l. Yang paling tinggi pernah dicatat ialah 25.3km/l. Sepanjang perjalanan tanpa henti 5 jam itu, tidak pernah sekali kami rasa penat…bahkan setelah tamat perjalanan, tidak pun kami rasa sakit belakang. Enjin sememangnya berasa sedikit kekurangan kuasa oleh kerana ianya hanya 1.0cc tetapi bukannya ada masalah naik bukit.

    21. Chin Hoong says:

      Hai. Saya nak tanya tentang power window dekat driver side. Saya tengok dekat brochure perodua ia nyata ada power window untuk spec SE auto turun. Tapi kenapa ia tidak berfungsi dengan Axia saya? Saya kena tekan sampai habis, bukan hanya dengan tekan sekali dan ia akan turun secara automatik ?

    22. Donald says:

      Ok bagi kereta yg murah dan berbaloi baloi..kk-tambunan, tambunan-kk, sabah takde masalah..pakai dri 2014 sampai skrg puas hati.hehe..sebagai kreta additional selain T6 Ford Ranger yg di guna skrg..kalo nak racing2 tu cari GTI haha..just kidding..Belilah tuan2 puan2 tak menyesal..

    23. Faizal says:

      Saya guna axia g auto…mmg minyak kuat juga bagi saya..starting pakai pon dah 14.7km/l..skrg dah jadi 11-12km/l…konpius aku walaupon dah reset avrg n try maintain speed dlm eco mode penuh.tank…

    24. Sk Lok says:

      Saya guna axia G auto.sudah setahun dengan mileage 35000.fuel consumption tak sampai rm 0.10 untuk satu kilometer dengan harga petrol rm1.70/liter.setiap hari saya membawanya 100-120km di sekitar KL Dan klang valley.

    25. syeilla says:

      Sy guna AXIA G AUTO sdh 8bln,ktika pkai AXIA 1bln so bila limpas tmpt yg ada asap atau d blkng lori bau asap masuk dlm krita sdg kan kita dh tingkap sbb guna aircond,sy prnh bawa AXIA sy kat service centre PRODUA salah satu d sabah,bila sy bgitau hal mcm ni staff service centre tu ckp”tk mgkn lah sbb AXIA ni model baru mana boleh terhidu bau asap masuk kt dlm krita,
      tpi yg guna ni krita sy jdi sy tau lah mcm mna.so bila sy tnya kawan2 sy yg guna AXIA MODEL yg sama dn warna yg sma mrka pn complaint yg sama… kira tak puas hati skit lah sbb ble krita new model lps tu dpt mslh yg mcm ni pla.. so kalau mslh lain psl AXIA NI mmng tak ada lah sbb AXIA mmng ok lah dan jimat minyak.

    26. PIKA says:

      kenapa speedometer axia advance bertukar daripada menunjukkan TOTAL KILOMETER TRAVELLED (kilometer bertambah menaik) kepada TOTAL KILOMETER LEFT / TOTAL KILOMETER LEFT WHICH I CAN GO FOR ( kilometer berkurang / menurun hingga 0km ) ? Is it has something to do with wiring ya

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