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    (Standard, Executive and Premium)

    ENGINE : 1.3 liter, Campro VVT, 4 cylinder


    TRANSMISSION : Auto CVT 5 speed and 5 speed manual

    POWER BHP : 96 & 105

    TORQUE NM : 120 & 150

    1.3 MT 12.2 sec
    1.3 CVT 13.1 sec
    1.6 MT 11.1 sec
    1.6 CVT 11.1 sec

    1.3 MT 165 kmh
    1.3 CVT 150 kmh
    1.6 MT 175 kmh
    1.6 CVT 170 kmh



    6.6 l/100km for 1.6MT
    7.4 l/100km for 1.6CVT
    13 km/l auto to 15 km/l manual

    1722 width
    1554 height
    3920 length


    14 inch alloy rim 175/65 r14 tyres (1.3)
    15 inch alloy rim 195/55 r15 tyres (1.6)


    PRICE : RM42K to RM63K

    MONTHLY INSTALLMENT : RM454 to RM674 per month

    WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT Proton Iriz?

    1) Very spacious and comfortable cabin
    2) Premium Interior and dashboard design
    3) All variant with top safety features
    4) Front looks very stylish
    5) Smooth engine, gearbox, suspension and very stable handling


    1) 1.3 liter VVT engine is just enough for this car. Better get 1.6 version for more spirited drive.
    2) The 1.3 engine gives less acceleration feel. Even in the manual version.
    3) The 14 inches sport rim is too small and looks funny.
    4) The rear looks, especially the rear lamp and bumper design quite bad more towards myvi looks.
    5) The price should be lower as this is a local product. Premium at 63K for a compact car is just too much.


    5 =(Very good)
    4 = (Good)
    3 = (Normal)
    2 = (Quite bad)
    1 = (worst)



    1) Front bumper : 5
    2) Headlamp : 5
    3) Rear bumper : 2
    4) Tail lamp : 3
    5) Side view : 3
    6) Sport rim : 3
    7) Front grille : 5
    8) Body kit & skirting : 4

    Additional comment :

    We believe most of us Malaysian loves the front look of the Proton iriz eventhough it has some Fiesta looks embed on to the Iriz’s face but Proton successfully makes it even better with very stylish projector headlamp added with Proton’s signature inside it like how Audi did to their cars.

    Not to forget, the LED daylight for premium and fog lamps for Iriz Exec looks nice.

    But proton should maintain the front fog lamp for Iriz 1.6 premium and allocate the LED daylight somewhere else as fog lamps are also very important for safe driving at night.

    15 inch sport rim should be a minimum rim size for Iriz Exec 1.3. 14 inch rim size is too weird on the big Iriz due to the wheel bay is too big and have a lot of gap between the tyres and the body.

    16 or 17 inches looks better for Premium version but there is a drawback for bigger rims especially the high cost to change the tyres and the overall engine efficiency will have some negative effect.

    Rear view is the most critical point that needs to be enhanced by Proton for the next facelifted Iriz (iriz facelift). We personally dont really like how the rear part from the tyres to the most rear tailgate is designed. It looks too short and the rear bumper does not provide enough protection for the rear tyres and suspension system in a rear collision event.

    Proton should make it longer to make it safer, looks better and provides more boot space (now only 215 liter) inside the rear of Proton Iriz.



    1) Seat comfort : 5
    2) Dashboard : 5
    3) Speedometer : 5
    4) Window : 5
    5) Leg room space : 5
    6) Head room space : 4
    7) Width shoulder space : 5
    8) Audio speaker sound quality : 4
    9) Audio multimedia player : 4
    10) Air conditiond : 4
    11) Noise sound insulation : 5
    12) Door trim : 4
    13) Steering wheel : 4
    14) Head and arm rest : 4

    Additional comment:

    The seats are very comfortable especially the semi bucket seat for front driver and passenger.

    Looking at the star rating for Iriz’s interior, we hardly find any of negative point inside the cabin of Iriz. That translates to a very successful design of interior especially the dashboard.

    We really like the dashboard. The surface design is like a leather dashboard cover that is stitched nicely although it is actually a plastic dashboard. The air conditioning vent looks nicer with chrome linings.

    The best part is the center dashboard with multimedia player which has a higher position and premium looks including the new air cond knob design.

    Speedometer looks like the one inside an Audi car. With center information lcd display in red and clear KMH and RPM meter, we have no problem with them at all.

    Door trim is very nice with soft fabric and semi leather.

    The most significant improvement among Proton cars are the door seals that absorbs noise nicely especially when you close the door.


    Headroom space is just nice but the rear head room space is a bit lesser where some of taller guys will have a little clearance to the seatbelt mounting at the roof just like in a Myvi.

    Headrest in a premium car is comfortable with leather wrappings on 5 of them. While rear headrest for lower spec with fabric seat is too low and it provides not enough support for your head to rest on it.

    Front side triangle window on the front pillar helps you to minimise blind spot and gives a very spacious feeling inside the car.


    Shoulder space and leg room are definitely not an issue inside the Iriz cabin. It is wider and longer than Myvi. The rear seat also gives longer thigh support for the best passenger comfort.


    Multimedia and cd player on the Iriz dashboard gives good sound via its door speakers.

    Noise insulation is very good inside the Iriz. We can only hear the air blown from the aircond louvre and very minimal road noise while cruising at below 100kmh.


    Overall : The Proton Iriz has the best safety features among B segment hatchback car in Malaysia without cutting the safety spec even at the cheapest Iriz 1.3 MT.

    All variants gets the 5 star safety rating, minimum 2 airbags, ABS, EBD and the best part is, it has the traction control with ESC which hardly can be found on a car below RM 100K. Even the expensive Toyota Camry dont have it.


    Good : The VVT engine gives a lot of improvement especially in terms of smoother acceleration, a lot less of engine noise & vibration and better fuel consumption with addition of less friction internal part inside the campro VVT engine.

    Bad :

    The 1.3 liter VVT engine is just enough for this car. For those who loves spirited drive, sorry guys, the 1.3 Iriz is not for you. It has a same output as Saga FLX but unfortunately the Iriz is heavier by more than 100kg compared to Saga FLX. So the best choice for young and energetic driver is the 1.6 Iriz.

    But as far as the engine is not an aluminium, you can have the NA upgrade on it to the max and make your 1.3 ride, a powerful one.



    Using the manual box, we found that it is lighter, easier to shift and quicker to engage. However, as usual, the 4th gear failed to give you enough punch from the engine which makes it a compulsory to downshift straight to the third gear to take over any cars and to climb a hill.

    The top 5th gear gives a good 80kmh at above 2000 RPM while cruising. Since the engine noise is very minimal and the smoothest RPM gain among Proton engine, sometimes you forgot to shift the gear and that needs quite a long time for you to be used to it i think.




    There is no surprise on how well the Lotus ride and handling on most Proton Cars. The stability, confidence in motion and taking corners are the best among moderate cars sold in malaysia and even better than the imported cars.

    The new Electronic Power steering is a major improvement on this car. It gives lighter feels at low speed and add a bit of heavy feels to increase your confidence at high speed.

    The EPS module in Iriz has better setting for different speed compared to the EPS in Perodua cars which has more fake feeling. The Iriz gives better feel and confidence during your low speed and high speed cruising.





    Before you buy, it is advised to make a research on the major problems, maintenance cost in RM like how much to repair or replace normally broken parts such as air cond, gearbox, window, windscreen, head lamp, bumper, wheels @ tyres @ rims, drive shaft, side mirror, radiator, alternator, ECU computer box, any sensors like MAF and ABS, Engine parts like head, cam, gasket, filter, timing belt and exhaust system.

    Normal servicing costs are also important such as minor service of engine oil, air filter, oil filter, gearbox oil, coolant replacement, wheel allignment balancing, sport rim with tyre pressure check, top overhaul, brake fluid change, power steering fluid change, brake pad, brake disk and shoe.

    Road tax per year based on engine Capacity and car type. Please refer JPJ or RTD official web for current tax charges. Cars below 1.6 cc will be charged below RM100 per year.

    Insurance charges normally around 0.03% out of sum insured or current car resale value.


    Performance : Good @ bad acceleration
    Fuel Consumption : km/liter
    Good point :
    Bad point :
    Problem so far :
    Service maintenance cost : RM
    Other notes :


    Door panel and trim of Proton Iriz


    Side view of Iriz Premium 1.6 full spec.


    Rear boot space with spare tyre.


    Iriz exhaust muffler and tips.


    Proton Iriz emblem


    Premium leather seat inside the Proton Iriz.


    IRIZ exec in green


    Iriz lower spec with fabric seat.


    Rear boot space Iriz 215 liter.


    Dashboard design interior of Proton Iriz.






    Rear seat folded.


    Iriz with new gray colour.

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    17 Responses

    1. mik says:

      saya nak tanya pendapat tentang kereta iriz ni waktu naik bukit… kenapa ya saya rasa mcm berat sikit iriz ni waktu naik bukit even dan tukar ke gear lower..

    2. kdi says:

      Iriz manual ke auto? Tukar gear berapa tu? Bukit tinggi mana?

    3. saya says:

      good review, saya saja nak share..saya pengguna iriz, saya pelik gak la org ckap iriz 1.3 x pickup, saya pakai 1.3 manual, actually pickup je kereta ni..penggunaan gear kena betul..kalo naik bukit pki gear 4 mcm xkena je..hehe..so far kete ni sgt2 la ok..xde ape2 yg pelik pun, enjin sgt2 la senyap…cheers.

    4. Mohd aziz says:

      Saya drive 1.6 auto, baru guna seminggu meter minyak digital rosak. Pick up amat menghampakan saya, rasanya kereta 1000cc lebih baik pickup nya dr iriz 1.6 auto. Brek bila di selekoh atau nak berhenti akan mengeluarkan bunyi yang menakutkan. Proton tolong laku kan sesuatu!!

    5. Fildaus says:

      Iriz exec 1.6 cvt. rasa lambat pikap. Baru terima kereta, baru tau yg iriz ku kene strok. Kesian dia. Lampu kecil, lampu belakang dan lampu no plat semua x menyala… Lps tu baru perasan panel plastik pintu penumpang x rapat.. Mgkin klip x rapat. TERTANYA2… QC proton terlelap kot…
      Beli sebab design cun. Design interior pun cun, rim pun cun lps tu saja nak rasa VVT baru.. Proton kene baiki kualiti kereta, baru malaysia akan kembali percaya pada proton.

    6. Code3 says:

      tumpang tanya, proton iriz nie PCD 100 ataupun 114 ???

    7. Addie says:

      Nk tanya Iriz ni kena service setiap 5k km atau 10k km?

      Kenapa still pakai timing belt?

    8. nurul says:

      saya pkai iriz exec 1.6 cvt.. baru 13hr pkai.. awal pkai masa reverse kereta ok.. tetba 1hr nk reverse kereta berat sgt mcm tarik handbreak.. padahal tak tarik h/break pon.. kenapa jadi mcm tu yer?? boleh bg pencerahan untuk masalah saya..

    9. Ain says:

      Saya pakai Iriz 1.6 Executive,baru amik ajer bila tekan brek ada bunyi yg menakutkan..agaknya QC Proton pun tertidur kot..
      Bila ckap ngan salesman,dia sruh tunggu masa servis bagi tau kt Proton servis..buat appointment pastu kensel sruh mai arilain..kita dah amik cuti…Really frustrated…itu laa so far tpi overall pick up…dan lain lain ok.

    10. Pemilik Iriz 1.6MT Exec says:

      Saya baru je dapat Iriz 1.6 MT Executive saya (belum sampai 3 minggu). Alhamdulillaah. cantek kereta ni :)

      Setakat ni, kereta ni agak best lah bawak. Saya suka bunyi enjin dia. Saya juga suka rupa dia (subjektif la kan)…. Cuma, mcm Ain komen sebelum ni, orang QC Proton mcm tertidur on the job. Masalah utama MASIH quality. Kerja mcm endah tak endah… ala kadar… melepaskan batok di tangga saya rasa.

      Hari pertama dapat Iriz:

      ** Sprinkler wiper hadapan, dan belakang buat masalah. Yang depan tiba2 (percubaan kali PERTAMA lagi tu) sebelah saja keluar air. Yang belakang… dia terus burst! Paip kat dalam tercabut katanya. Air terus masuk dalam kereta dan melimpah ikut lampur brek ketiga :'(

      Selepas hari pertama…. masalah lain berkaitan QC (saya rasa la) muncul:

      1) Enjin bunyi rattling lebih2 lagi ketika strat awal pagi

      2) Macam ada bunyi2 ala2 kereta dah seasonsed. Kawan saya kata mcm bunyi teksi lama

      3) Bunyi kurang menyenangkan di kawasan belting. Utk kereta baharu (tak sampai sebulan lagi), memang benda2 mcm ni akan menyakitkan hati pemilik :'(

      4) Apabila memecut ke RPM menghampiri 3K, getaran mulai terasa pada steering

      5) Apabila bawak pada RPM atas 3K, terasa getaran pada lantai (kedua2 belah, pemandu dan penumpang hadapan) an steering
      [harap2 masalah 4-5 adalah sebb balancing. Harap2 nya lah]

      6) Fuel consumption punya indicator tu (tu ke nama dia?) amatlah kurang tepat. Baru dalan dalam 50km, tapi dia tunjuk minyak dah habis dekat 100km. Saya bawak agak skema (sebab 3k RPM pon dah getar, maka saya kurang tekan dan bawak tak laju)

      7) Full tank (~RM75 pada RON95 @ 2.15 seliter) menunjukkan kereta boleh berjalan sejauh 700km. Tetapi, apabila fuel indicator sudah berkelip… jarak yang dilalui hanya sekitar 350-360 km (mungkin kalau saya paksa, boleh dekat2 nak 380km? saya tahu benda ni estimate sahaja… tapi 700km dengan 360km jauh tu. Dekat nak separuh. Nak kata tipu milage pon boleh. Hahahahaha!)

      Minggu depan nak pergi servis center dekat Shah Alam. Center of excellence katanya :) HArap2 betul lah. Mmg bersedia utk kereta ditinggalkan sehari dua tiga atau seminggu. Harap2 Proton elokkkan lah QC :'(
      Masalah barangan Proton daru DULU!!!! Quality quality quality :'( Rasa2 Tun Che Det kita patut maqlum pasal benda ni. InsyaAllaah lepas tu baru la orang Proton (especially tang part QC) akan menambah baikkan serbis.

      (Ye la kan, buat penat kerja je… Orang asyik datang balik ke SC pasal masalah2 quality yg kecik2 dan nyakitkan hati :'( … )

      ** Penyokong Proton y g masih belum berputus asa…. namun agak kuciwa dengan ‘effort’ yg ditunjukkan. Malaysia BULEH! Proton pun BULEH!!! Tapi jgn la sampai orang kata BULEH BLAH! :D Semoga Proton bertambah baik pada masa akan datang… aminnnnnn

    11. danny says:

      member i na beli kerte IRIZ …….klu comment mcm nie mane ade orng minat na bli krte malaysia….4my comment la better take import car….krte malaysia low quality psal ape market price…..btter tke import car n get mre quality n granty….even expensive get mre comfortable ….

    12. Ebdu says:

      Alhamdulillah, setakat ni pengalaman yang menyenangkan pakai iriz 1.3 cvt exec. 1 st service just pakai minyak mineral mach 5. Next service 6 bulan @ 10 000 km.

    13. Klc says:

      Berapakah harga 1st service iriz 1.3 cvt?
      Apa yg dikena caj utk 1st servis?

    14. Boboibuyut says:

      Bagi sesiapa yg cakap transmisi CVT engine bunyi ok/senyap tu maybe dia first time drive car atau xperience drive keta lama2..hehe just manual mmg senyap tapi sikit je.engine campro semua pun bunyi bising n berdengung.if bagi mereka drive vios/jazz atau at least myvi.baru mereka faham apa itu Quality.Honda/Toyota/Nissan dll pun ada CVT.tapi x fail macam Proton ni.but EPS dia memang lembut mcm Nissan/Mazda n better dari Honda.kalau nak buat comparison kita kena drive dulu lain keta baru boleh comment.ini tidak.baru drive keta setahun jagung dah rasa cukup pandai.jadi bahan gelak org bila sembang dgn kawan nnti.yg admin comment kat atas tu 100% betul.yg comment bagus2 semua owner variant low spec atau terlebih bangga.nampak x perbezaan kat sini. Tapi admin 1.3cc rim 14inch tu mmg kelakar la.first time masuk showroom pun mmg dah tergelak kat situ.ingatkan promoter masukkan tayar spare.

    15. Boboibuyut says:

      Ya..odometer tu memang betul tapi korang kena pastikan lepas isi minyak eg:500km sila tolak 60%km dari bacaan tu sebab FC dia mmg kuat telan minyak wlupun drive RPM xcecah 3000 sepanjang masa..VVT campro xjimat pun.FC iriz (13km/l) ni lagi parah dari FC kia cerato (9km/l) yg body sado sedan berat tu.

    16. Hadi says:

      Nak tanya. Bumper iriz ada cover dalam warranty x?

    17. yaya says:

      sory keluar topic sikit..bahagian belakang headlight belah kiri ada wire/cable apa2 ke??

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